Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 18

Conor Dillon – Beginnings  Excerpt 18

Everything appeared to be fine and dandy until three more soldiers came down from the rooms upstairs, From their appearance they appeared to be Officers, and none to pleased with the way Conor had roughed up one of their number.

One of them, apparently the senior walked over to where the four companions sat, he looked then up and down and then enquired in French, ‘Which of them had beaten up his Sergeant?’ Shamus answered that it was Conor, pointing him out to the Officer, ‘Your man was drunk and was abusing a young servant girl!’

The French Officer Replied, ‘Be that as it may, but you have caused offence to the honour of my Regiment, I demand an apology and then the matter is closed!’ Conor, growing red with anger, and just about to attack the Officer, when Black Michael who had been quietly observing the situation said quietly, ‘ Your sergeant is a fat drunken pig who was beaten by a boy, if he is the best your Regiment has to offer, then I would suggest your Regiment is sorely in need of honour!’

The French Officer, coloured up and was just about to reply, when Michael rose up off his stool and punched him, He went down like he had been pole-axed. The other members of his unit, a dozen or so, advanced on the four Irishmen.

Who, instead of retreating stood their ground, As melee’s went it was quite a short one, Black Michael picked up the leading pair and banged their heads together, then flung them in the path of the remainder. O’Driscoll punched one in the mouth and kicked another in the stomach, Conor punched one and headbutted the next to appear, Shamus, who had picked up a stool was banging it down on any head that came within reach of him. It was all over in seconds, the French in full retreat.

(C) Damian Grange 2018




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