Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 43

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 43

The Zombies who were now routed and in full retreat, made one final strategic error, they ran by the field where the hockey grudge match was taking place and tempers were frayed and already balanced on a razor’s edge.

Dave Knowles who was leading the few remaining Zombies left standing, was running by the pitch, blindly and in panic, when he ran into a little girl on a scooter and flattened both the girl and the scooter. He ran on, leaving the child sobbing her heart out.

Unfortunately for Dave, he had been seen, Jane Mullen, although busy participating in the match had noticed what had happened. She shouted to her team mates and friends, ‘That ‘effin Zombie just flattened my little sis are we lettin’ ’em get away with it?’

Roaring, ‘No!’ Jane and all her team mates evacuated the pitch, running screaming after the Zombies. Holding their hockey sticks at shoulder height, ready to flatten any Zombie unfortunate enough to cross their path.

The captain of the opposing team, not wishing to be left out of the fun, led her team in following them. They chased after the girls of Littlehampton Academy and they Saint Charlotte’s, a Catholic School, two nuns chased after them.

This day was getting more bizarre by the moment, Sister Marie-Therese, a quite stocky Irish nun, Known as the ‘Hulk’ by her pupils. Seeing one of her smaller pupils being overpowered by a much larger Zombie, tapped the Zombie on the shoulder and gave him a devastating left hook that floored him. She then performed the sign of the cross, such is life!

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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