Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 41

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 41

The bulk of the Zombies were now staggering blindly down the Main Street leaving chaos in their wake, bumping against obstacles and occasionally spitting out gouts of blood for effect, although only a staged effect, it looked real enough to the onlookers.

A couple of Zombies staggered over a flower bed, uprooting several months of loving care. An elderly lady was so incensed by this wanton destruction that she attacked them with her brolly, she had no intention of taking prisoners, they were left battered and bruised.

And still they staggered relentlessly forward, blindly as was their way, they had no inclination that they were staggering in to a carefully planned trap. Old Sam Parry and his comrades were playing the waiting game, they had a plan but for it to work to maximum efficiency, everything had to be just right. The Zombies needed to advance just a little more.

They would be ambushed where the Main Street converged with six lesser Streets, the idea being to divide and conquer, or in plain English split up the Zombies in to manageable groups. Where they would be taught whose town it was, it wasn’t theirs!

The milk floats were stood by in readiness, their crews armed with rotten tomatoes and other assorted veg well past its best. The plan was that they get behind the parade of Zombies and herd them to where the Streets converge, where Sam Parry and the remainder of the Squadron would hit them.

That was the plan, but in war all sorts of unplanned for circumstances can and do happen and this one was no different from any other.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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