Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 15

Conor Dillon – Beginnings  Excerpt 15

He found that there was a military base in the town itself, Where we may be able to get information on where my Father and his Regiment were currently stationed. When we arrived there and requested to see the Commanding Officer, we were met with open hostility, Then Shamus once again intervened and explained in French what our mission was in their country.

We were immediately taken to their Commanding Officer, it would appear that the Dillon name carries a certain amount of respect in this country. Maybe being a Dillon wasn’t such a bad thing, I thought to myself.

We were greeted very cordially by the French Officer, a Major Dupree, He invited us to take a seat and offered us refreshment, Which turned out to be a rather fine French brandy, much to the delight of my companions.

We all seemed to be getting on fine, when the Major asked, ‘If we could help solve a problem for him, He had an Irishman under arrest, in a dispute over the ownership of a horse, he had killed one man, wounded two others and not content with that he had wounded two of the Major’s men who had been  sent to arrest him.’

‘Just what do you expect us to do with him?’ I queried, the man had piqued my interest. ‘I really don ‘t mind, just take him out of my jurisdiction, I have no stomach for a hanging and he is a gallant man.’ stated the Major candidly. ‘If he agrees to join us, we will take him, but he will need a horse and weapons, where we are heading he may well have need of them!’

The Major shouted a command, and two of his men appeared, holding a tethered man between them who they appeared to be very wary of. ‘You may release him! Monsieur Dillon and his companions require his parole, if he gives it? he can be on his way.’

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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