Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 40

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 40

  The Mayor, though still holding tight to Samira, was watching the antics of the Zombies, when he saw several of them peel off from the Parade and enter shops. This wasn’t part of their brief, he mentioned it to Sanjay, who also thought it rather odd.

‘Samira, I want you to stay here with your Father, There is something I have to sort out and there may be violence, I want you safe from harm,’ he said with concern. He jumped in his car and drove to his nearest arcade.

He called to two of his biggest employees and told them to get in the back of his car, then he headed a little further down the road to his fun-fair where he collected two more of his boys. Once they were all seated in the car, he explained what he required them for. He drove back to the shops and dropped his boys outside.

He gave his boys their instructions , ‘Just watch and wait and as soon as you are sure they are doing something illegal, jump on them and detain them tie them up if necessary. This weekend has cost enough, without them robbing us to boot!’ was his only comment.

The shops in question were both owned by Sanjay, but that wasn’t the point, an attack on one businessman was an attack on us all. And the Mayor for one wouldn’t tolerate it. We have worked hard and struggled to make money in this town, too much to let bloody Zombies walk in and help themselves.

To cover his back and that of his boys, He requested a unit of the St. Johns Ambulance Brigade and a squad of Police from the neighbouring, but larger resort, stating that there was a possibility of a civil disturbance. There is nothing like hedging your bets!

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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