Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 101 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 101 )

  Fred was just about to say more, when Lizzie joined us, she entered the room and went and sat at the piano, It appeared that as well as being fed, I was to be entertained. Lizzie went straight in to that well-known traditional song, ‘Greensleeves’ she was a competent pianist and surprisingly, to me at least, a pleasant tuneful voice.

All in all, she put in a very creditable performance, I wondered if there was to be more, Fred sat smiling proudly at his wife’s accomplishments, and so he should. Lizzie then much to my surprise and Fred’s embarrassment commenced to play and sing a Music Hall Favourite by Marie LLoyd with somewhat saucy lyrics. Lizzie did the sing proud and I could see by Fred’s face he took pride in her performance.

For my part, I had been given a most wonderful evenings entertainment, both in the company and quality of the food, drink and entertainment. I couldn’t begin to thank them enough, for I had truly enjoyed myself.

I made a point to invite the Abberline’s around to my house the following Saturday. I knew that Mrs McGinty would respond to the challenge of having guests for dinner. It was the very least I could do, considering the splendid evening that I had just enjoyed.

I took my leave of the Abberline’s and strolled home with a spring in my step. It was a crisp December night and all was well with the world. I had made no mistakes and had been accepted both as a guest and a friend. It felt good.

I had not realised that the following Saturday would fall In the period of Christmas, I must check that they have made no previous arrangements. I have been so tied up in my work that I didn’t realise the months were flying by.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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