Jack the Ripper – A Love Story (Excerpt 100)

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 100 )

  After we had consumed the dessert, Lizzie suggested that Fred and I go through to the parlour for a smoke, chat or whatever, whilst she tidied up and washed the pots, she would join us shortly.

I was surprised as I was ushered in to the parlour by Fred, The first thing that caught my eye was a beautiful upright piano. Fred noticed my surprise and said, ‘That’s Lizzie’s pride and joy, that piano, but credit due to her, she can play it.’

Tonight was indeed turning in to a night of surprises. I knew well Inspector Fred Abberline, but I realised that of Fred the man, without the title, I knew very little. I had always respected him, now I was finding that I rather liked him too. He was a good man in every respect.

We made small talk, Fred offered me a cigar, but said, ‘Personally, I prefer my pipe, it helps me to think, Lizzie says I look a regular little Sherlock Holmes when I’m puffing on my pipe and lost in thought.’

I accepted the cigar, and Fred lit it for me, we sat for a moment in silence, Fred puffing contentedly on his pipe and me enjoying the aroma of my cigar. In my life I can honestly say I have not enjoyed many moments as fine as this one.

Then Fred said, ‘I am sorry to bring work up, at a social occasion, But have you had any more thoughts on our man?’ ‘He appears to have stopped, which suggests to me that Mary Kelly was his main victim, the others merely decoys. He may have just vanished back in to obscurity. But he was enjoying the fame and the celebrity status, I fear he must kill again, his ego will betray him.’

So, The nightmare is not over yet?’ Queried Fred. ‘If I am correct in my assumption, I am afraid that the answer is no, He will kill again!’

(C) Damian Grange 2018



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