Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 99 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 99 )

  ‘Take care,’ said Fred, ‘she has that look in her eye, she won’t rest until she has you married off, you mark my words!’ warned a smiling Fred Abberline. ‘Now there you go, Fred  Abberline, trying to frighten poor Jack, I’m sure he wouldn’t object to a little female company over dinner, would you Jack?’ Asked Lizzie.

‘Of course not, but I warn you, My manners are a little rusty, Its been a long time since I met a single woman socially,’ I stated, lying through my teeth and trying hard  to conceal my embarrassment. But I had quite taken to Lizzie, so I would play along, who knows, I might even enjoy it? ‘You’ll be fine, our friends are like us, no airs and graces, just plain speaking,’ said Lizzie.

‘I feel for you, Jack, you’ll be getting inundated with spinsters of this parish, if they become a nuisance let me know and I’ll send one of my Constables round to sort it!’ was Fred’s contribution to the conversation.

‘When you men have done making problems, where there are none, are you ready for dessert?’ Queried Lizzie. ‘Its my favourite, Jack, Spotted Dick with thick Creamy Custard, I hope you enjoy it?’ Intoned Fred Abberline. ‘I’m sure that I will, Mrs Abberline is a gifted cook, The food has been a delight!’ I replied and meant every word.

I was correct in my assumption, the dessert was a delight, despite my earlier concerns I was really beginning to enjoy my evening as a guest of the Abberline’s, and wondered what further delights lay in store for me?’

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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