Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 97 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 97 )

  ‘Sit yourselves down at the table, whilst I fetch the soup,’ so saying she departed for the kitchen and returned with a tureen of piping hot soup. As I was the guest, I was served first. The soup was asparagus, and extremely tasty too. ‘Help yourself to a hot roll, we don’t stand on ceremony where food is concerned!’ Judging by the warm welcome and the quality of the first course I was in for a delightful evening.

Although Fred was the host, his wife did most of the talking, but I didn’t mind, most of the questions she asked were about my work and the assistance I had been giving her husband, and how grateful he was for that professional assistance.

‘I said,’ that I felt it was my duty to assist the Police whenever I could in my role as Doctor In Charge of the Whitechapel Infirmary. ‘Well, your assistance is greatly appreciated by both my husband and I’ stated Mrs Abberline, which was seconded by Fred, her husband.

‘Whitechapel gave me a second chance, and on that score alone I owe Whitechapel and its populace the very best that I can offer!’ I stated in all seriousness. ‘And there is not a soul in the whole of Whitechapel that doubts it,’ stated Fred Abberline. ‘But what of the Ripper, what are his motives?’

‘You use that word, motives, does he have to have them, maybe he’s a pimp trying to extort more money from his girls, or maybe he’s just a killer without a thought in his head, who knows? you and I have tried to analyse his crimes and have come up with no plausible motive, ideas possibly, but motives, not a one?’ was my earnest reply.

‘Now, now, boys, no more talking shop, I’m just about to serve the main course, so letit cease right now!’ It appeared that Lizzie had taken charge.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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