Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 37

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 37

  It was probably a good thing he couldn’t see Samira, she was lying naked in the Mayor’s bed, where they had just made love for the second time. And Samira was declaring her love for the Mayor, and the Mayor, although totally bemused was glad to comply.

In the bar of the Three Crowns, Sam Parry was discussing last minute tactics with the Armoured Resistance Squadron. All of the Squadron were present including Freddy Jones, the milkman and his drivers and mates.

Sam had a plan of the proposed Zombies route through the town, his plan was to first disrupt the walk, you could hardly call a parade of Zombies a march. Then split them in to smaller groups that could easier be dealt with.

He had liaised with the Women’s Institute and other interested parties, Who had offered to deal with any stragglers that his troops split from the main body of Zombies. Sam, that seasoned campaigner thought it would be nothing less than wholesale slaughter, not a Zombie would survive to bother Littlehampton again!

But unknown to the organisers of the Zombie Weekend, They had uninvited and decidedly unwanted guests. Dave Knowles owed money in London, quite a substantial amount and to clear this debt he had allowed several criminals to infiltrate the Zombie ranks. The plan was that while the populace of Littlehampton were being distracted by the real Zombies, they would help themselves to whatever they could from the various shops and other enterprises around the town.

There were seven of them in total, and they were all masters of their trade, which was mainly shoplifting, picking pockets and a little mugging should it become necessary. They were included in Dave Knowles entourage and he would teach them how to dress and behave like Zombies, In the hopes that their presence in the town would go undetected, leaving them free to do their worst!

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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