Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 95 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 95 )

  The cadaver was of one Rose Mylett, known around her Whitechapel haunts as  ‘Drunken Lizzie’, she was a known prostitute. she had apparently been strangled, although the Police Officers who attended the scene and the Medical Examiners disagreed on cause of death. The Police believing it to be from natural causes. ‘ The position she was found in was very similar to how the Ripper laid out his victims, my men spotted it immediately and bought it to my attention’ stated Abberline.

‘ I’m not going to get involved in the argument as to how she died, but I can state categorically that she was not killed by the Ripper. Although one of his earlier victims,   (Annie Chapman) did show signs of strangulation, the knife is his preferred weapon, and there is not a cut on her, she is not a Ripper victim! I stated positively.

‘ I totally agree, Jack, but in all cases involving prostitutes, we have to be seen to be making an effort, Oh! I almost forgot, my Wife would like you to come to dinner on Saturday night , if you are free?’ Invited the Inspector. ‘ Tell your wife I would be delighted too, and thank her for the thought,’ I replied.

We parted company and I walked back to the Infirmary, I could not help but smile, I was invited to dine with probably  the man who was seeking me the most diligently, I was smiling at the pure irony of the circumstances. But that apart I had a great deal of respect for Abberline, both as a friend and adversary.

I was quite looking forward to Saturday, I’m sure that it would be an interesting and amusing diversion from my normal monastic routine. it’s often said, ‘ All work and no play make’s Jack a very dull boy!’ Then I must be a very dull boy indeed!

(C) Damian Grange 2018



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