Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 35

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 

  The Mayor, although a hefty man could be surprisingly agile should the occasion merit it, and this was certainly one of those occasions. He rode Samira with a vengeance, every time she screamed, in pleasure or pain? He increased the speed and depth of his thrusting.

Samira may have begun as a virgin, but the way she was returning his thrusting, one for one suggested to the Mayor that she was now without doubt a woman. And maybe even his woman, after all she had chosen him to take her virginity. It was all very confusing?

Samira, started to moan louder, ‘ Faster, I’m cumming! the Mayor increased his thrusting and they came together in a shuddering climax. To his surprise and delight Samira kissed the Mayor passionately on the lips, Kissing was something new to him.

He rather relished the moment, reaching out he fondled her breasts once more, she made no attempt to stop him, in fact she openly encouraged him, and he loved it. She was young, beautiful and apparently available. Life was good!

Sanjay Patel received an urgent message from his wife, there were problems at the Holiday Camp, Samira wasn’t there, and everything appeared to be in confusion, nobody seemed to know what was happening.

Sanjay was furious, he was responsible for organising the weekend, and Samira had left him open to ridicule, now he would have to take charge himself, wasting his own valuable time. Where was that girl? It is possibly a good thing he didn’t know!

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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