Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 10

Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 10

  ‘I am Michael Fallon, known to most folks who know me as Black Michael, I used to be an assassin, I killed for money, I make no excuses. But I had no inclination that I was bought here to kill your father, your Father, Shamus and myself were in the wars together, we were friends and comrades.’

‘I was bought here blindfolded until we were outside your door, my instructions were clear, kill the man who opens the door, I only found out a few months ago that it was your father, I have been abroad fighting in the wars, I come to seek your forgiveness and to offer my help in finding the man who ordered your Father’s death, he owes me a life!’

He spoke with such a quiet sincerity, that I felt inclined to believe him, he was not the evil killer I had first thought him to be. ‘I come to offer you my life, if you listen to mine and your Mother’s words, you will need a man to watch your back, I want to be that man and I give you my word that I will serve you faithfully!’ he stated with conviction.

My Mother said, ‘ You had better sit down, Conor, what I am about to tell you will be even more of a shock to you, the man you knew as your Father was not the man who sired you, He had to leave me to go to France, He is a Nobleman, He had to leave this country in a hurry ‘

‘ He had no knowledge that I was carrying his child, your Father, that fine man, took me on and became my Husband and your Father.’ ‘ So, why are you telling me this now, and what Information as Black Michael bought that has changed everything so?’

‘The Man who hired me to kill your Father,’ Said Black Michael, ‘ Said his name was Dillon, and your natural Father is Count Arthur Dillon, Colonel of the Irish Regiment Dillon, in the service of King Louis of France!’

(C) Damian Grange 2018



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