Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 34

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 34

  Samira wanted sex, all of her peers had lost their virginity years ago, but Sanjay and her Mother never let her out of their sight. The Mayor was not ideal, but he would do, he just needed a little more coaxing.

With this thought in mind, Samira removed her somewhat skimpy bra and offered the Mayor her breasts to suck, he set to with a vengeance, sucking and fondling them. Samira, to her surprise found herself getting quite aroused by this attention. Maybe this wouldn’t be the sacrifice she had envisioned, he was actually pleasuring her.

She needed him to pursue the matter further, with this in mind, she reached down and started to pop the buttons on his flies, once she had accomplished this she reached inside and grasped his penis, she soon jerked it to a promising looking erection. The Mayor was delighted, he had finally realised what Samira was offering him.

This was real revenge he thought, taking the virginity of Sanjay’s pride and joy, would be a delight to the senses in so many ways, the ultimate revenge, hit him where it really will hurt!, oh! such a joy!

Samira stood up, and removing her knickers, stepped out of them leaving her totally naked, she turned her back to the Mayor and wiggled her bottom, He was entranced, he wanted her!

Samira smiled and lay on the sofa, rubbing between her thighs, The Mayor got the message, dropping his trousers and ‘Y’ fronts, he approached her, she took his erection in her hands and guided him until he had penetrated her.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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