Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 33

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 33

  All thIngs considered thought the Mayor, she is fair game, He held her a little tighter letting one of his hands stray to her ripe young breast, He gave it a tentative squeeze, there was no reaction from her.

The truth of the matter was Samira’s day had already been ruined by Dave Knowles, but besides Dave she had always had a thing about older men, particularly authority figures like the Mayor. Most girls her age would laugh at him, but Samira had a thing for him. The Mayor, it finally dawning on him, that he was on to a sure thing, led Samira to his car.

He drove Samira to his house, and invited her in, ostensibly to check that she was o.k. Samira happily complied to his suggestions, she had plans of her own. Maybe she couldn’t seduce Dave Knowles, her first choice, But the Mayor she concluded would be easy meat, literally.

The only problem, from the Mayor’s point of view was that she was wearing a sari, And the Mayor for all his years of experience couldn’t figure a way to get her out of it. He was baffled, but eager nonetheless.

Samira sensing his frustration, removed her sari and the dress beneath it, so that she was left standing in her undies, which due to her earlier plans for Dave Knowles were very skimpy, the bra barely enclosing her ripe young breasts.

The Mayor, who was used to much older fare, took a sharp intake of breath then pounced. He pushed Samira down on to his sofa then kneeled beside her, Fondling and slobbering all over her breasts. It wasn’t exactly what the lovely Samira wanted, but it was a promising start to the proceedings.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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