Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 83 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 83 )

Continuation of Post Mortem Report:

The skin was retracted through the whole of the cut through the abdomen, but the vessels were not clotted. Nor had there been any appreciable bleeding from the vessels. I draw the conclusion that the act was made after death, and there would not have been much blood on the murderer. The cut was made by someone on the right side of the body, kneeling below the middle of the body.

I removed the content of the stomach and placed it in a jar for further examination. There seemed very little in it in the way of food or fluid, but from the cut end partially digested farinaceous food escaped.

The intestines had been detached to a large extent from the mesentery, about two feet of the colon was cut away. The sigmoid flexure was invaginated into the rectum very tightly. Right kidney was pale, bloodless with slight congestion at the base of the pyramids.

There was a cut from the upper part of the slit on the under side of the liver to the left side, and another cut at right angles to this, which were about a inch and a half deep and two and a half inches long. The liver itself was healthy.

The gall bladder contained bile, the pancreas was cut, but not through on the left side of the spinal column. Three and a half inches of the lower border of the spleen by half an inch was attached only to the peritonium.

The peritonial lining was cut through on the left side and the left kidney taken out and carefully removed. The left renal artery was cut through. I would say that some who knew the position of the kidney, must have done it.

The lining membrane over the uterus was cut through. The womb was cut through horizontally, leaving a stump of three quarters of an inch. The rest of the womb had been taken away along with some of the ligaments. The vagina and cervix of the womb were uninjured.

The bladder was healthy and uninjured, and contained three or four ounces of water. There was a tongue-like cut through the anterior wall of the abdominal aorta. There were no indications of connexion.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 82 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 82 )

  Continuation of Post Mortem Report:

The carotid artery had a fine hole opening, The internal jugular vein was opened about a inch and a half…not divided. The blood vessels contained clotted blood. All these injuries were performed by a sharp instrument, like a knife and pointed.

The cause of death was haemorrhage, from the left common carotid artery. Death was immediate, all the mutations were administered after death.

We examined the abdomen. The front walls were laid open from the breast bone to the pubes. The cut commenced opposite the enciform cartilage. The knife must have cut obliquely at the expense of that cartilage.

Behind this, the liver was stabbed as if by the point of a sharp instrument, Below this was another incision in to the liver of about two and a half inches, and below this the left lobe of the liver was slit through by a vertical cut. two cuts were shewn by the jagging of the skin on the left side.

The abdominal walls were divided in the middle line to within a quarter of an inch of the navel, The cut then took a horizontal course for two and a half inches to the right side. It then divided round the navel on the left side, leaving the navel on a tongue of skin. Attached to the navel was two and a half inches of the rectus muscle on the left side of the abdomen. The incision then took an oblique direction to the right and was shelving. the incision went down the right side of the vagina and rectum to half an inch behind the rectum.

There was a stab of about an inch on the left groin. This was done by a pointed instrument. Below this was a cut of about three inches going through all the tissues and making a wound of the peritonium to about the same extent.

An inch below the crease of the thigh was a cut extending from the exterior spine of the ilium obliquely down the inner side of the left thigh and separating the left labium, forming a flap of skin up to the groin. The left rectus muscle was not detached.

There was a flap of skin formed by the right thigh, attaching the right labium and extending up to the spine of the ilium. The muscles on the right side of the frontal ligaments were cut through.

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Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 30

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 30

  Despite the fuss over the presence of the Zombies, the girls of Littlehampton were determined to win and with that in mind were practising daily after school, other pleasures were put on hold, this was war, a war they would win.

Jane Mullen and Sally Dobbs were amongst the team practising, they intended to win whatever the cost, and if it meant a few of the Charlie’s being carried off injured, then so be it. Hockey is a contact sport, accidents can and do happen, especially with a little help from the participants. Littlehampton would win. Zombies or not Saturday promised to be an interesting day, one way or another.

Friday arrived, and the Patel household was a hive of activity. Sanjay was organising his siblings to assist wherever possible. He assigned Jamila, Samira’s younger sibling to assist at the holiday camp. Samira immediately vetoed that idea, she had plans that didn’t include a younger sister spying on her. Fortunately for Samira, she was her Father’s favoured daughter, so she got her way.

And in any case as Sanjay knew, she was more than capable of running the Holiday Camp, she had ran it alone on many occasions in the past. But not with the distraction provided by Dave Knowles, who she lusted after. Jamila was re-assigned to work in the Ice Cream Parlour, this suited her perfectly, unlike Samira, she was a chubby little girl who loved her food, she had certainly landed on her feet.

Mrs Patel was left to take charge of the family home and relay any last minute or urgent messages that may arise. With all the family assigned their duties, Sanjay left for his office, which was to be his H.Q. whilst the Weekend was in progress, and the nerve centre of his operations.

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Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 5

Conor Dillon – Beginnings  Excerpt 5

  I knew that I had to obey Shamus without question, He handed me an axe to carry and led me in to the woods. We paused for a moment whilst Shamus examined several trees, he cut a notch in the ones he had selected and told me to chop them down.

It took me ages to chop down the first tree, my arms ached and my hands were starting to blister. I was almost crying with the pain but I was determined not to let down my Mother and my trainer , Shamus. Once again I started chopping, this time on the second tree of the five that Shamus had selected.

Once I had demolished the second tree, I was soaking wet with sweat, my arms were throbbing with pain and my hands were raw and bleeding. Shamus asked to look at my hands, he was clearly annoyed with me.

‘Why didn’t you tell me you were in pain, boy?’ he asked angrily. ‘You are supposed to be toughening me up, you don’t need a cry baby!’ was my angry reply. ‘It’s a slow process, you don’t get tough overnight, you work at it, now I have to fix your hands or there’ll be no chopping tomorrow!’ he said, shaking his head.

I was annoyed with myself, I had behaved like a child. I realised that not only had I let Shamus down, I had let myself down badly too. I felt ashamed.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 81 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 81)

Continuation of Post Mortem Report:

The face was very mutilated. There was a cut about a quarter of a inch through the left lower eyelid, dividing the structures completely through. The upper eyelid on that side, there was a scratch through the skin on the left upper eyelid near to the angle of the nose. The right was cut through to about half an inch.

There was a deep cut over the bridge of the nose, Extending from the left border of the nasal bone down to near the angle of the jaw on the right side of the cheek. This cut went into the bone and divided all the structures of the cheek except for the mucous membranes of the mouth.

The tip of the nose was quite detached by an oblique cut from the bottom of the nasal bone to where the wings of the nose join on to the face. A cut from this divided the upper lip and extended through the surface of the gum over the right upper lateral incisor tooth.

About a half an inch from the top of the nose was another oblique cut. There was a cut on the right angle of the mouth as if cut by the point of the knife. The cut extended a inch and a half, parallel to the lower lip.

There was on each side of the cheek a cut which peeled up the skin, forming a triangular flap about an inch and a half. On the left cheek there were two abrasions of the epithelium under the left ear.

The throat was cut across to the extent of six to seven inches. A superficial cut commenced below the lobe below and about two and a half inches behind the left ear and extended across the throat to about three inches below the lobe of the right ear.

The big muscle across the throat was divided through on the left side. The large vessels on the left side of the neck were severed. The larynx was severed below the vocal chord. All the deep structures were severed to the bone, The knife marking intervertebral cartilages. the sheaf of the vessels on the right side was just opened.

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Air Aces of World War One

Picture – Courtesy of Pinterest

Captain John Oliver Andrews – British Ace 1896 / 1989

  Andrews was a Manchester brewer’s son. He attended Dame Alice Owen’s School from 1908 to 1911, Followed by attendance at Manchester High School 1911/1912. He then joined The Royal Scots ( Lothian Regiment ) being commissioned a second lieutenant on 9th of October 1914.

After service in the Infantry, Andrews transferred to the Royal Flying Corps. His first aerial service was as an observer/gunner, originally, he was seconded to No.1 Squadron RFC at Netheravon on the 4th of November 1914. He was then re-assigned to observe on the Avro 504 in No. 5 Squadron RFC in June 1915. He qualified as a pilot on the 15th of June 1915, earning Royal Aero Club Certificate number 1924 at Le Crotoy, France. He was officially appointed a flying officer (observer). He was then assigned to the newly formed No.24 Squadron RFC as an Airco DH2 pilot. On 16th December 1915 he was appointed a flying officer.

On the 27th of April 1916, in one of his early flights in the DH2, He drove off German Ace Max Immelmann, holing his Eindekker in the process. a week later, Andrews was appointed a Flight Commander with concomitant promotion to temporary Captain. He went on to score his initial victory on 21st July 1916, destroying a Fokker Eindekker over Allaines. On that day he led a patrol attacking a German formation of five Roland CII’s and their five escorting Fokkers. His victory may have been against German ace Ltn Otto Parschau of FA32. although not proven.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 80 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 80 )

  The body was still quite warm. No death stiffening had taken place. She must have been killed most likely within the last half hour. We looked for superficial bruises and found none. No blood on the skin of the abdomen or secretion of any kind on the thighs.

No spurting of blood on the bricks or pavement around the body. No marks of blood below the middle of the body. Several buttons were found in the clotted blood after the removal of the body. There was no blood on the front of her clothes. There were no signs of a recent connexion.

When the body arrived at Golden Lane Mortuary, some of the blood was dispersed due to the removal of the body to the Mortuary. The clothes were carefully taken off the body. A piece of the deceased’s ear fell from the clothing.

I began the Post Mortem Examination at half past two on Sunday afternoon. Rigor Mortis was well marked ; body not quite cold. Green discolouration over the abdomen.

After washing the left hand carefully, a bruise the size of a sixpence, recent and red was discovered on the back of the left hand between the thumb and first finger. A few small bruises on the right shin of an older date. The hands and arms were bronzed, no bruises on the scalp, the back of the body or the elbows.

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Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 29

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 29

  Of course Sanjay had no inkling of Samira’s intention’s toward Dave Knowles, he had other fish to fry. He wanted all of his business’s running full on all weekend. Sanjay Patel was not a man to be unprepared if there was an opportunity to make some money.

All of his business’s were stocked to excess, should the Weekend be particularly successful, It was now Wednesday. The Weather Forecast for the week was looking wonderful, what could possibly go wrong. Looking back in hindsight, he would probably have said, ‘Everything!’

The Town council, the towns ruling body, were all preening themselves and waiting for the money to come rolling in. The Mayor was back on form, he had survived the temporary setback with Maude James and was now rearing to go. He was back in the Cinema projection booth giving Mavis the usherette a good seeing-to, one of the perks of her job. Mavis, thought the Mayor was a rather plain woman, but she had a delightful arse, which he never tired of groping, perks of the job naturally!

The Mayor, like the rest of the council was looking forward in anticipation to the Weekend. It had been necessary to grease a few palms, but hopefully Sanjay would be made to look foolish and his tenure as Mayor would be secured.

The senior girls of Littlehampton Academy, were preparing for their Saturday afternoon hockey final against Saint Charlotte’s Catholic School, Known by the girls as the ‘Charlie’s’ it was a grudge match, as the ‘Charlie’s’ had beaten them 1 nil at their last meeting.

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