Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 83 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 83 )

Continuation of Post Mortem Report:

The skin was retracted through the whole of the cut through the abdomen, but the vessels were not clotted. Nor had there been any appreciable bleeding from the vessels. I draw the conclusion that the act was made after death, and there would not have been much blood on the murderer. The cut was made by someone on the right side of the body, kneeling below the middle of the body.

I removed the content of the stomach and placed it in a jar for further examination. There seemed very little in it in the way of food or fluid, but from the cut end partially digested farinaceous food escaped.

The intestines had been detached to a large extent from the mesentery, about two feet of the colon was cut away. The sigmoid flexure was invaginated into the rectum very tightly. Right kidney was pale, bloodless with slight congestion at the base of the pyramids.

There was a cut from the upper part of the slit on the under side of the liver to the left side, and another cut at right angles to this, which were about a inch and a half deep and two and a half inches long. The liver itself was healthy.

The gall bladder contained bile, the pancreas was cut, but not through on the left side of the spinal column. Three and a half inches of the lower border of the spleen by half an inch was attached only to the peritonium.

The peritonial lining was cut through on the left side and the left kidney taken out and carefully removed. The left renal artery was cut through. I would say that some who knew the position of the kidney, must have done it.

The lining membrane over the uterus was cut through. The womb was cut through horizontally, leaving a stump of three quarters of an inch. The rest of the womb had been taken away along with some of the ligaments. The vagina and cervix of the womb were uninjured.

The bladder was healthy and uninjured, and contained three or four ounces of water. There was a tongue-like cut through the anterior wall of the abdominal aorta. There were no indications of connexion.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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