Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 30

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 30

  Despite the fuss over the presence of the Zombies, the girls of Littlehampton were determined to win and with that in mind were practising daily after school, other pleasures were put on hold, this was war, a war they would win.

Jane Mullen and Sally Dobbs were amongst the team practising, they intended to win whatever the cost, and if it meant a few of the Charlie’s being carried off injured, then so be it. Hockey is a contact sport, accidents can and do happen, especially with a little help from the participants. Littlehampton would win. Zombies or not Saturday promised to be an interesting day, one way or another.

Friday arrived, and the Patel household was a hive of activity. Sanjay was organising his siblings to assist wherever possible. He assigned Jamila, Samira’s younger sibling to assist at the holiday camp. Samira immediately vetoed that idea, she had plans that didn’t include a younger sister spying on her. Fortunately for Samira, she was her Father’s favoured daughter, so she got her way.

And in any case as Sanjay knew, she was more than capable of running the Holiday Camp, she had ran it alone on many occasions in the past. But not with the distraction provided by Dave Knowles, who she lusted after. Jamila was re-assigned to work in the Ice Cream Parlour, this suited her perfectly, unlike Samira, she was a chubby little girl who loved her food, she had certainly landed on her feet.

Mrs Patel was left to take charge of the family home and relay any last minute or urgent messages that may arise. With all the family assigned their duties, Sanjay left for his office, which was to be his H.Q. whilst the Weekend was in progress, and the nerve centre of his operations.

(C) Damian Grange 2018



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