Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 29

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 29

  Of course Sanjay had no inkling of Samira’s intention’s toward Dave Knowles, he had other fish to fry. He wanted all of his business’s running full on all weekend. Sanjay Patel was not a man to be unprepared if there was an opportunity to make some money.

All of his business’s were stocked to excess, should the Weekend be particularly successful, It was now Wednesday. The Weather Forecast for the week was looking wonderful, what could possibly go wrong. Looking back in hindsight, he would probably have said, ‘Everything!’

The Town council, the towns ruling body, were all preening themselves and waiting for the money to come rolling in. The Mayor was back on form, he had survived the temporary setback with Maude James and was now rearing to go. He was back in the Cinema projection booth giving Mavis the usherette a good seeing-to, one of the perks of her job. Mavis, thought the Mayor was a rather plain woman, but she had a delightful arse, which he never tired of groping, perks of the job naturally!

The Mayor, like the rest of the council was looking forward in anticipation to the Weekend. It had been necessary to grease a few palms, but hopefully Sanjay would be made to look foolish and his tenure as Mayor would be secured.

The senior girls of Littlehampton Academy, were preparing for their Saturday afternoon hockey final against Saint Charlotte’s Catholic School, Known by the girls as the ‘Charlie’s’ it was a grudge match, as the ‘Charlie’s’ had beaten them 1 nil at their last meeting.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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