Zombies by the Sea Excerpt 27

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 27

  The Mayor who had woken, with a terrible hangover and a strong foreboding of tragedy, he had decided not to do a runner. As always, he would weather the storm, he had been in worse scrapes and survived. he would survive Maude James.

She was pretty wasted, she may not even remember about the engagement, and also hopefully that he had, had sexual intercourse with her, not that it was that great, but she made a big thing of it none the less. Brandy may be conducive to sex, but it doesn’t help one to perform the act, not one little bit.

God! what a nightmare, how did I manage to get in this mess thought the Mayor. Best to ignore it and hope it might go away and remember to avoid Maude at all costs. I do really need to sober up and think this through. I’m the most devious person in Littlehampton, there has to be a way I can talk or wheedle my way out of this without it costing me money or loss of reputation.

He sat for a moment, considering his options, then it suddenly dawned on him, if he was already married, he couldn’t possibly marry Maude. It made perfect sense, why hadn’t he thought of it before, but before he wasn’t in this mess, so had no need too.

He had never proposed to Maude, so there were no witnesses, it was all a figment of her brandy fuelled imagination. But on the negative side he had had sexual intercourse with her, but at her invitation, even though he had plied her with drink. But once again there were no witnesses, for or against.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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