Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 2

Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 2

  Sinead, his Mother’s maidservant and companion offered what comfort she could to his Mother. Shamus, his Father’s foreman and general factotum picked me up and carried me inside and set me down to warm in front of a roaring fire.

He held me at arm’s length and looked me in the eye, ‘You are going to have to shape up now m’boy, you are now the man of the house,’ he stated seriously, ‘I will help you in every way that I can, never be afraid to ask for my advice if you think it is needed, I was your Father’s man and now I am your man, for as long as you need me!’

Conor, studied Shamus, the skinny little man had always been there, but he began to realise just how little he knew about him. it annoyed him that he knew so little about this man who was offering to be a confidante and possible mentor as he grew up. he must if they were to survive. Of one thing he was certain, he could place his trust in Shamus, he was held in high esteem by my Father, so that would also hold with me.

Shamus O’Malley was a small but wiry individual, but for all he lacked in size and strength, he could more than hold his own in any melee. His strength was all of the mind, guile and cunning were his weapons, due to his diminutive size he was always underestimated by his opponents, whosoever the were.

Shamus’s favoured weapon was the knife of which he carried three, one each side of his belt and the third in a sheath at the back of his neck. This knife he could draw and throw in seconds, many a man had died who thought himself safe because he had Shamus in his musket sights.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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