Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 26

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 26

  In another part of the town, Samira Patel was telling one of her close friends that she had every intention of seducing or allowing herself to be seduced by Dave Knowles. The man who to all intents and purposes was the leader of the Zombie invasion.

Samira, at nineteen years old was probably at the pinnacle of her beauty, glossy waist length black hair, beautiful dark eyes, perfect teeth, she smiled often. She also had full breasts and a lovely slim figure, which she would probably lose in a few years when the curry and chapatti’s started to show on her waistline.

Her friend was asking how a pretty girl, which quite obviously she was, would possibly want to have sex with a Zombie? ‘This is why!’ said Samira, and showed her friend a photograph of Dave Knowles without his Zombie makeover.

Then everything became clear to her friend, the man in the photograph was without a doubt, a handsome young man, He looked not unlike a young David Bowie. She could understand now why Samira wanted him in her knickers.

‘So how are you planning to achieve this? won’t your Father be keeping a watchful eye on you?’ queried her friend. ‘I am hoping my Father will have other things to occupy him, This weekend is a big deal to him, If it all works out right, he might be the Mayor next year!’ replied Samira.

‘But you still haven’t told me how you plan to seduce him?’ said her friend. ‘My Father has put me in charge of settling all the Zombies in the Holiday Camp. Once that is done, and they are having a meal. I will let myself in to Dave Knowles room, strip off and wait for him in his bed!’ Replied Samira, like it was a done deal.

‘It’s a nice idea, but are you sure, he’ll fancy you, he might be gay?’ stated her friend. ‘Well!’ Said Samira, ‘It won’t be long before I find out, one way or the other!’

(C) Damian Grange 2018



4 thoughts on “Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 26

  1. Poor girl. Sad for her he turned out to be gay after all. I am glad to have almost caught up with your writing. The Jack the ripper story seems to be reaching the climax


  2. There is still a little way to go with Jack, I started with him waiting to die, so I feel obliged to fill in his life after Whitechapel and the murders. After all they were but a few months out of a lifetime. Thank you so much for your encouragement!


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