Cursed through the Generations – Excerpt 18

Cursed through the Generations – Excerpt 18

  The servants were already clear of the building, when I noticed that little Josie was missing. I asked the others if they had seen her, they replied that she was following behind them as they were evacuating the building, she must have fallen or been hit by falling masonry.

I have no idea, Why? I am by nature a coward, but I couldn’t bear the thought of Josie and my unborn child perishing in the flames. I raced back in to the burning building, I could hear my wife, screaming out my name, but I had to do this, call it an act of guilt or redemption. But it had to be done, and I had to do it.

I found Josie, she had stumbled and twisted her ankle, she couldn’t walk, so I picked her up and carried her to safety. I laid her gently on the lawn outside. The house was burning down and collapsing around me, My marriage was almost certainly over, all my plans were turning to ashes. I was a man left with no choices, so I smiled and dashed back in to the burning building. My life was cursed, of that I was certain!

And so, once again the curse had taken a life, not a particularly pleasant one, but a life nonetheless. How many more would be taken, before the curse expired.

What remained of the building after the fire was little more than a shell. Adeline, returned home to her parents, to be forever haunted by the nights events. Josie, the maid, mainly due to the trauma of that night miscarried, and almost joined her lover, it took her months to fully recover.

Once again, as was its way, nature took over and the house rapidly became overgrown with weeds of every variety, from nature it begins and to nature it returns.


(C) Damian Grange 2018

14 thoughts on “Cursed through the Generations – Excerpt 18

  1. … there’s such a twisted darkness in here…. I’d like to have a look into your mind for a minute to see how you manage to build all this…
    this being said… very good job (… as usual…)

    Liked by 1 person

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