Cursed Through the Generations – Excerpt 15

Cursed Through the Generations – Excerpt 15

  I ordered her to refill both glasses, which she did, still not looking in to my eyes, she seemed overawed by my presence. ‘You are a pretty girl, Elsie, do you have a sweetheart?’ I asked bluntly. ‘No! sir, not now, but I did have.’ she stated, falling in to my trap. ‘Drink your sherry, Elsie!’ I ordered her, ‘I hate to drink alone.’ she drunk her sherry thirstily, she was enjoying the taste of it.

‘Fill the glasses again, Elsie!’ I told her, ‘I’ll bet you know how to pleasure a man?’ she looked at me, a little doubtfully, and then the sherry kicked in and she began to giggle uncontrollably. ‘ I do! Sir!’ she said, then started to giggle again.

‘Would you pleasure me? Elsie, my sweet,’ I said, teasing her. She came over to where I was sat, kissed me passionately on the lips and began to unbutton my trouser front, before I had chance to protest, she had my erect manhood in her mouth, sucking at it greedily, wonderful!

I let her enjoy it for a few moments longer, then I told her to take off her breeches and lay on my desk with her legs wide open. Just like I had imagined she had sturdy thighs. She was born to be rode! She groaned as I forced myself in to her, then she rose off the desk, meeting me thrust for thrust, until we came together in a shuddering climax.

But I had not finished with her yet, I took off her top and as I had thought, she had lovely full breasts with large brown areolas and protruding nipples, There was lots more for me to enjoy, There was no urgency.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 67 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 67 )

  ‘Have no fears, Sergeant, He will hear nothing from me, there is however one small favour you could do for me?’ I requested. ‘Anything at all, just ask?’ Replied Sergeant Shine. ‘Would you mind terribly if you escorted me home, one near miss is enough for one night and the experience has left me a little shaky.’ I stated. ‘No problem at all, Doctor, I was heading in that general direction, in any case.’ was his reply.

The Sergeant kindly escorted me to my front door, on the way we had had a conversation and the Sergeant quite unwittingly informed me of the areas of Whitechapel and its environs that the men from the outside Divisions were covering.

All very useful information for a man with my intentions, being apprehended once was quite enough. Knowing I was a confidante of his Inspector, he gave the information quite freely. I thanked him once more and bade him farewell, and entered once again the safety of my own home.

I lay a little restless in my bed, I wasn’t unduly concerned about my little incident with the Police. I think it was more frustration that three of the whores still lived. I longed to do something a little more spectacular.

Aha! I have it, I would execute two in one day, that would make Mary sit up and take notice, and who could she turn to but me, when all of her friends are gone. But first, sleep, now that I had decided on my next step.

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Air Aces of World War One

Ltn. Josef ‘Seppi’ Veltjens – German Fighter Ace 1894 / 1943 Pt.2

Veltjens was them transferred to Royal Prussian Jasta 18 at Commanding officer Berthold’s request. The unit was at this time equipped with Albatros D.V’s and Fokker DR.1’s. Veltjens first kill with his new squadron was on 16th of September 1917, he ended 1917 with his 9th victory on the 15th of November.

He marked up his tenth kill on February 28th 1918, He was then transferred to Jasta 15, this was an interesting swap in that Berthold took all of his pilots with him when he transferred; Jasta 15 likewise so basically all that changed was number and location. this exchange meant that now Berthold, Veltjens and the rest of their comrades were now a part of Jagdgeschwader 11. Jasta 15 would soon be re- equipped with the new Fokker D.V11.

Veltjens rose to its command on the 18th of May, the same day that he scored his 13th victory. He was appointed to replace an Officer who was plotting to have the injured Berthold removed as JG11 Commander. May also saw Veltjens awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Royal House of Hohenzollern, he was also awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class.

By the 10th of August 1918, Veltjens  score had risen to 23, in the day’s fighting his score had risen by two more. It also marked the day Berthold collided with a British D.H.4 and crashed in to a house; He survived, but was hospitalised until the wars end. Veltjens shot down two Caudrons and an S.E.5a the following day.

Another Hauptmann was appointed to was appointed to his command, but Veltjens was chosen to lead JG 11 in to combat. Berthold temporarily escaped from hospital on the 12th and despite serious injuries and returned to resume command. The Commander of two days surrendered his position. Berthold was ordered the following day to turn the entire Jagdgeshwader over to Veltjens command and return to Hospital immediately. Three days later on the 16th of August, Veltjens was awarded the Pour le Merite, the highly coveted Blue Max.

His victory total stood at 31 when he went on leave leaving Oscar Freiherr von Boenigk in charge. Upon his return he resumed command of JG11 on 15th of September, only to be bumped down once again to command Jasta 15, which he did until the Armistice. he concluded the war with a total of 35 kills.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 66 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 66 )

  Someone must have been watching over me, just as I prepared myself for a beating, salvation appeared in the robust form of Sergeant Shine of Abberline’s Division ‘H’ ‘What do you fools think you are playing at? this is the local Doctor and a good friend of my Inspector’s,’ stated an annoyed Sergeant Shine.

‘We thought he was the Ripper!’ cried one of them, trying to make an excuse for their actions. ‘ Tell that to Old Abberline, and you’ll be mopping out cells for the next six months, if you hadn’t been in such a rush to condemn him, The Doctor would no doubt have shown you his authorisation, signed by Inspector Abberline himself.’

My three would be assailants went very subdued, but then so would I, If I was on the receiving end of Sergeant Shine’s temper, He was a tall burly man with a full beard and the voice and mannerisms of a Regimental Sergeant Major. Not a man to get the wrong side of as three very wary Constables were discovering.

He turned to me and said apologetically, ‘ I’m so sorry about this, Doctor, you are well known to all the local boys, but these clowns are from another Division, Pleas accept my apologies on behalf of Division ‘H’.

‘No harm done, Sergeant, although I believe you arrived in the nick of time to save me from a beating. But tensions are running high at the moment, they thought they were doing their duty, even though they were a little overzealous’ I replied.

‘Its very magnanimous of you to say so, Sir, If the Inspector hears about this, there will be hell to pay!’ ‘ Well, have no fear, Sergeant, he will hear nothing from me.’

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Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 21

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 21

  How might she react, if he fondled her matronly bosom, would she scream the place down or melt in to his welcoming arms. Would he have his way with her or end up in a Police cell, accused of God knows what, Crimes against humanity? attempted rape?

It was all very new and confusing to the Mayor, his women knew what he wanted from them and he likewise, but Maude was single and has aspirations towards him, tonight could be very tricky, he would really have to be on his mettle or tonight could be a disaster in more ways than one.

There was a knock on the door, it would be Maude, he swiftly downed his brandy and headed for the door. Sure enough, it was Maude made up to the nines, and dressed to kill. God! what a frightening thought.

The Mayor, quaked inwardly, married women he could handle, but single women especially of a certain age, were a complete mystery to him. Everything he did or said would be taken as complete gospel, he must choose his words very carefully, he now wished he’d gone a little easier on the brandy.

‘Take a seat, Maude,’ he offered and she immediately parked herself on the sofa by his side, this completely threw the Mayor, who as usual had his game plan prepared. ‘ would you like a tot of brandy, warm you up a little!’ God he thought, did I really say that. Maude, whose night was turning out better than she expected said, ‘ Yes! please, I would love one,’ The Mayor poured her a double, thinking it might help later.

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Cursed through the Generations – Excerpt 14

Cursed through the Generations – Excerpt 14

  I had been employed by her Father for about a month when Adeline told me that her Mother was going to visit her favourite Aunt, and would I mind terribly if she were to accompany her, she would only be absent for a week. I expressed my regret that I couldn’t accompany her, but she understood now that I was an employee of her Father, that certain sacrifices had to be made. They left on the following Saturday Morning, I was at work so I couldn’t see her off. All I could think about was that I had the whole week to myself.

On Saturday night, I sat in my study working on the household accounts, they were not adding up and they were seriously starting to annoy me. I needed a drink! I rang for service and Elsie appeared, I had rather hoped it would be little Josie, Josie was amenable to my advances.

I asked Elsie if she would bring me a bottle of my best sherry and two glasses, I had an idea running through my head. When she returned I studied Elsie, she looked a little older than Josie, she was pretty enough, but her features were a little coarser than Josie’s, but on the positive side she had bigger breasts and wider hips.

‘How old are you Elsie?’ I enquired. ‘I’m twenty next month, Sir! on the twelfth day. ‘And would you take a glass of sherry with me?’ I asked, ‘For your birthday’ ‘What would the Mistress think? Sir, she appeared reluctant. ‘ I am the Master here, do you wish to offend my generosity?’ I said angrily feigning annoyance. ‘I’m so sorry, Master, I gratefully accept you offer,’ I had her just how I wanted her, eyes downcast and submissive.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 65 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 65 )

  I often wonder how Mary feels now, is she content with her lot as a whore. Or does she wish she were back here, safe with me, but life is full of choices. And alas poor Mary, she made a very poor one, a very poor one indeed and one that will ultimately lead to her demise. But she made the choice, with no doubt a little help from her friends, but her friends are dwindling rapidly. I wonder who she will reach out too, when she is left all alone.

Last night I had, what I can only term as an awkward moment. I had been to see a sick patient at his home, when I was stopped and accosted by three Policemen. They were not local, they had obviously been drafted in from another area. I was detained, a little roughly I might add by two of them, whilst the other set himself up as my inquisitor.

I attempted to explain who I was and that I had been about my legitimate business visiting a sick patient, but they were having none of it. It seemed that they imagined themselves the heroes who had apprehended Jack the Ripper!

The more I protested my innocence, the more certain they seemed of my guilt. As you can probably imagine, a most uncomfortable situation, to say the very least. The two Constables who were holding on too me, quite forcefully, I might add, seemed to think it a fine idea to beat a confession out of me. Whilst I do not fear physical violence, I thought they were letting the situation get out of hand.

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Air Aces Of World War One


Picture – Courtesy of Pinterest

Josef ‘Seppi’ Veltjens – German Fighter Ace 1894 / 1943

Josef Veltjens was born in Geldern, in the Rhineland. He was the son of a factory Manager, He attended Humanisti High School in Berlin then Charlottenburg where he attended the Technical University where he read mechanical engineering. His primary area of interest was the Internal Combustion Engine.

He enlisted in the Kaiserin Augusta Guards Regiment No.4 on the 3rd of August 1914, four days later, he and his regiment were at the front. When his column was attacked by the French, Veltjens and three others tried unsuccessfully to defend it, The vehicles were set on fire. As, a straggler Veltjens joined Regiment No.8 promotion to Vice Feldwebel  soon followed. After several requests he was sent for Aviation Training.

On the 2nd of December 1915, at Johannisthal near Berlin, Veltjens first soloed in an Aircraft. He took his Pilot’s examination on 15th December after three solo flights. without waiting for Official Pilot’s ticket, he took advantage of the confusion caused by the holiday season and flew himself to Tergnier.

He was posted as a Member of Flieger Abteilung 23 on May 10th 1916 to fly reconnaissance missions. because of his success there, he was commissioned as a Leutnant der reserve. He served there with another future ace Rudolf Berthold. from there he moved on to single – seat fighters with the Royal Prussian Jagdstaffeln 14 when Berthold took over its command.

Veltjens scored his first victory over a Spad, On the 14th of April 1917 whilst flying a Albatros DIII with his personal marking of a white barbed arrow painted the length of the fuselage from the red nose back to the blue fuselage. By the 1st of June, he had downed three more Spads and a Farman. Berthold had mentored him on these, but he was a hard taskmaster.

To Be Continued ……….

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 64 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 64 )

  The Inspector looked towards me and smiled, ‘That’s all for tonight, Doctor, It’s been an interesting night, in lots of ways.’ I said my farewells and left in to the embrace of the cold winters night, as I walked my mind was racing, had I unwittingly said something to arouse his suspicions. Or was he merely having a jest at my expense, like I said he his a hard man to fathom, he plays his cards very close to his chest.

I can understand why he is such a successful Policeman, he would make a brilliant poker player, he may have empty hands, but he could convince you that he held the winning trick. He says very little and that soft Dorset accent can lead you in to a false sense of security. But he is no fool. I have to tread warily around our Inspector Abberline.

Mary Jane Kelly’s Diary – September 15th 1888

We were not invited to Annie’s funeral, it was a quiet family affair, so the girls and I met up for a lunch time drink. It was a very solemn affair, each time we meet there seems to be less of us. Who can hate us so much that they wish to treat us in this manner. I admit to being a whore, but I am still human, so who is singling us our for…..execution, for want of a better word. Who and Why? what have we done that was so bad, that it brings this kind of redemption down on our heads. I was a fool, I should have stayed with Jack, I was safe there. There is no safety here, only the threat of imminent death. Oh! Jack, what can I do?

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Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 20

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 20

  She almost managed to stutter a, ‘Yes, I’ll be there!’ before the Mayor had turned on his heel and walked back in to the Council Chambers. Maude turned to her members and stated, ‘That will do for today, ladies, we have made our protests felt.’ there were one or two dissenters, but Maude’s authoritarian manner soon bought them to heel.

As the Mayor returned to his seat at the meeting, Sanjay who was stood at the window, watching the woman withdraw, ‘How on earth, did you manage that?’ asked Sanjay. ‘No problem at all, Old Boy, all it took was a little charm,’ was the Mayor’s sarcastic reply.

And so, the first problem was temporarily averted, but would they all be this easy, thought the Mayor. The things I do for this town and tonight I have to sacrifice myself to Maude, if only people knew. I just hope! thought the Mayor, that the rest of our problems will be this easily averted, but somehow knowing people, I don’t think they will be!

The Mayor sat in his front parlour, sipping a large brandy, he was awaiting the imminent arrival of Maude James, Spinster of this parish. He had a feeling that the brandy might be needed to fortify himself for the coming ordeal. The sacrifices he had to make to keep the peace, tonight he had to seduce Maude James and surprisingly he was not looking forward to it. All of his other conquests were married and knew the score, but Maude was single and totally besotted with him. To the Mayor’s mind a recipe for disaster in whatever form it took.

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