Curse Through the Generations – Excerpt 16

Cursed Through the Generations – Excerpt 16

  I grasped one of her breasts and flicked and teased the nipple with my tongue, once it was erect I sucked on her teat, she moaned with pleasure at my ministrations. I changed breasts and repeated the procedure, once again she moaned with pleasure. I moved my hand down between her open legs and impaled her with three of my fingers, which  I rapidly moved in and out of her body, she arched her back to meet me and came once again in a shuddering climax.

I raised her up and kissed her gently, but passionately on the lips, a kiss that she happily returned, then I told her, ‘Get dressed, its time to go, and here’s a silver shilling for your birthday, enjoy! ‘Thank you, Sir!’ She said and tried to curtsy, but fell over giggling to herself, I picked her up, made sure she looked relatively decent, then ushered her to the door, opened it and saw her outside, I closed it behind her with a satisfied smirk on my face.

On Adeline’s return I once again played the attentive husband, confessing to her that I had been lost without her. She primped and simpered and fussed around me so much, that in what must have been a touch of guilt, I bedded her.

The following morning I woke and looked at her lying there and felt sick to my stomach, she may well be the lady of the house. But given the choice, I would much sooner bed her maids, either of them. Making love to my wife was drudgery, but I suppose necessary, anything to keep her sweet and pliable to my wishes.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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