Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 69

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 69 )

Β  I decided on impulse to go to the country and visit my sibling the Reverend Giles, he couldn’t grant me redemption, but maybe he could point me in the right direction. I was owed some leave from the Infirmary, so I requested five days, so that I could visit my brother at his parish.

I also visited Division ‘H’ To inform Inspector Abberline of my plans, I felt it only polite, after all I was assisting the Police, albeit in a voluntary capacity. I gave him my brother’s address and assured him if anything happened he could contact me and I would return Immediately.

It was a half days journey by train to my brother’s parish , but it literally flew. I was quite looking forward to seeing my sibling, now the very Reverend Giles, a man of the cloth, the boy who had followed in his father’s footsteps, unlike me, who had chosen his own path in life.

I was given a very warm welcome by my brother, but I would have expected no less, we were very close even as children. Giles very tactfully made no mention of my marriage, at which he had officiated, nor the events afterwards in which I take little pride. But I am equally sure that my father would have confided in him about the situation I had found myself in due to my own stupidity and poor judgement.

But he was eager to hear of my exploits in London, and Whitechapel particularly, due to all the articles in the broadsheets, everyone in the country had heard of Whitechapel. Giles asked me, ‘Is Whitechapel as bad, as it is pictured, for it seems like a veritable Sodom and Gommorah, within our capital city?’

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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  1. You are always coming up with something extremely tasty…so sad i missed most but i will keep up with it😌😌😌….long time malkie…keep it up!

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