Cursed through the Generations – Excerpt 14

Cursed through the Generations – Excerpt 14

  I had been employed by her Father for about a month when Adeline told me that her Mother was going to visit her favourite Aunt, and would I mind terribly if she were to accompany her, she would only be absent for a week. I expressed my regret that I couldn’t accompany her, but she understood now that I was an employee of her Father, that certain sacrifices had to be made. They left on the following Saturday Morning, I was at work so I couldn’t see her off. All I could think about was that I had the whole week to myself.

On Saturday night, I sat in my study working on the household accounts, they were not adding up and they were seriously starting to annoy me. I needed a drink! I rang for service and Elsie appeared, I had rather hoped it would be little Josie, Josie was amenable to my advances.

I asked Elsie if she would bring me a bottle of my best sherry and two glasses, I had an idea running through my head. When she returned I studied Elsie, she looked a little older than Josie, she was pretty enough, but her features were a little coarser than Josie’s, but on the positive side she had bigger breasts and wider hips.

‘How old are you Elsie?’ I enquired. ‘I’m twenty next month, Sir! on the twelfth day. ‘And would you take a glass of sherry with me?’ I asked, ‘For your birthday’ ‘What would the Mistress think? Sir, she appeared reluctant. ‘ I am the Master here, do you wish to offend my generosity?’ I said angrily feigning annoyance. ‘I’m so sorry, Master, I gratefully accept you offer,’ I had her just how I wanted her, eyes downcast and submissive.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

6 thoughts on “Cursed through the Generations – Excerpt 14

  1. Ahh a bit of staff privilege is bestowed. The cleverness of the planning shows the Master of the house believes he is the Master. Good development. I’m very far behind but always endeavor to catch up.


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