Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 20

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 20

  She almost managed to stutter a, ‘Yes, I’ll be there!’ before the Mayor had turned on his heel and walked back in to the Council Chambers. Maude turned to her members and stated, ‘That will do for today, ladies, we have made our protests felt.’ there were one or two dissenters, but Maude’s authoritarian manner soon bought them to heel.

As the Mayor returned to his seat at the meeting, Sanjay who was stood at the window, watching the woman withdraw, ‘How on earth, did you manage that?’ asked Sanjay. ‘No problem at all, Old Boy, all it took was a little charm,’ was the Mayor’s sarcastic reply.

And so, the first problem was temporarily averted, but would they all be this easy, thought the Mayor. The things I do for this town and tonight I have to sacrifice myself to Maude, if only people knew. I just hope! thought the Mayor, that the rest of our problems will be this easily averted, but somehow knowing people, I don’t think they will be!

The Mayor sat in his front parlour, sipping a large brandy, he was awaiting the imminent arrival of Maude James, Spinster of this parish. He had a feeling that the brandy might be needed to fortify himself for the coming ordeal. The sacrifices he had to make to keep the peace, tonight he had to seduce Maude James and surprisingly he was not looking forward to it. All of his other conquests were married and knew the score, but Maude was single and totally besotted with him. To the Mayor’s mind a recipe for disaster in whatever form it took.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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