Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 19

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 19

  The Mayor was nobody’s fool, he had noticed the way Maude James looked at him, like he was her next meal, under different circumstances he would be flattered, but she was a single woman. But if that’s what it took to clear the pickets, he was prepared to sacrifice his body for the cause, there was profit to be made.

He considered Maude James with her matronly bust and generous behind, if she were a married woman he would no doubt have been bedding her long ago. But, she was a single woman and a spinster to boot, this situation would have to be handled very delicately, or so he thought.

He ventured outside to meet the protestors, Braving the heckling and the placards that were virtually shoved in his face. He didn’t care he knew he had the power to bring this protest to an end.

He signalled to Maude James, that he would like to speak to her, She, quietened her members and then went to the Mayor’s side. ‘Hello, Maude, you look very nice today!’ was all it took, and she was putty in the Mayor’s hands.

‘I would like you to come around to mine tonight, so that we can discuss this situation like reasonable adults, I feel sure a compromise of some sort can be reached,’ he stated. Maude by this time was having hot flushes and blushing uncontrollably, all her wildest dreams were about to come true, and tonight could be the night. All her bedtime fantasies for months had been about meeting and copulating with the Mayor.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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