Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 18

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 18

  The Mayor was thinking, have your moment of glory, Sanjay! and when it all goes tits up, I’ll be the one picking up the pieces, and once again taking control. ‘Zombies’ what a joke, and the joke would land in Sanjay’s lap and wallet.

The Mayor, who on his rounds had realised that in the town, there existed rather a large Anti Zombie resistance. He had accordingly bought a few drinks, greased a few palms, obviously he couldn’t be seen to be taking sides, but he let the people know which side he was on. But he never troubled to explain that it was his own, like any corrupt politician.

The moment that the posters arrived from the printers and were distributed around the town, all hell broke loose. The townsfolk of Littlehampton, in general that is, wanted no truck with Zombies and furthermore were quite prepared to tell the council where to stick them, in no uncertain fashion.

The first obvious protest was by the matronly Maude James and her fellow members of the Littlehampton Women’s Institute, who had decided to picket the council offices en- masse. They were carrying placards stating that Zombies and their kind were not at all welcome in their town, even the B n B Landladies had joined in the protest, somewhat reluctantly but no doubt bought in line by Maude’s steely glare.

Sanjay was infuriated by this gesture, The Mayor, although secretly amused, agreed with Sanjay that the women had gone too far. And he as the town’s Mayor would personally put a stop to It.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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