Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 58 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story – ( Excerpt 58 )

  To my dismay it was a long cold wait, I was just about to call it off when I saw McGinty and my prey approaching. Unfortunately, Annie recognised me and somehow realised I was there to end her life. She Cried, ‘No!’ but she was too late, Her throat was slit. And if I say so myself a far neater job than poor ‘Polly’ I lowered her down to the ground and began my surgery on her. It would seem that this time, time was on my side.

After I had dealt with Annie, I returned home determined to try and sneak a couple of hours of sleep, The time was almost 6a.m. so I was pushing it.

That morning Abberline sent a Constable to collect me, I had just got in to my bed, but that was fine, I’m sure no suspicion would pass on to a Doctor who arrived yawning with hair still tousled from his bed. It was obvious to me why I had been called. They had discovered Annie’s body, as they should, I had made no effort to conceal my handiwork.

Inspector Abberline and his Sergeant were present as were two Constables. There was a Doctor doing a preliminary examination at the scene, Whom I later discovered was Dr. George Bagster Philips, the Home Office Pathologist. Abberline didn’t bother to introduce me, I was his man and I suppose to his way of thinking, The ace up his sleeve.

He took me aside and said if it were possible could we meet once again at the Whitechapel Mortuary at 7.30p.m. that evening. So that I may give my own opinions on the cadaver of Annie Chapman. He apologised for dragging me out of bed, He wasn’t aware that Dr.Philips had been summoned until he arrived on the scene a few moments before myself, He too had been fetched from his bed to attend the scene.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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