Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 17

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 17

  He was busy in the bedroom of the Seaman’s Rest, one of the pubs that he owned. It was the landlord’s day off, he had gone sea fishing. The Mayor, never one to miss an opportunity was busy servicing Ethel, the landlady. His trousers flapped around his ankles as he serviced Ethel doggy-fashion stood at the foot of her bed.

Ethel was the Mayors usual fayre, Voluptuous, Married and very available. And, as always the Mayor had arrived at an opportune moment, just as she had stepped out of the shower and was towelling herself dry. She was almost naked, and the Mayor never one to miss an opportunity, took this one in both hands….literally. Ethel wasn’t too concerned the Mayor filled a need and Ethel had lots of Needs!

Sanjay was incensed, to his way of thinking this meeting was one of some importance, both to himself and the town. And as usual no decision could be reached because once again the Mayor was conspicuous by his absence. They were just about to adjourn the meeting when the Mayor came blustering in, mouthing his usual excuses.

The Mayor considered his excuse as sufficient, the remainder of the council found it insulting and patronising due to its lack of credibility, but at least now the meeting could commence. Sanjay put forward his proposal and the arranged dates and it was agreed on unanimously, even the Captain stirred long enough to shout his ‘Aye!’

And so the die was cast, Sanjay was jubilant, he thought he had finally put one over on the Mayor, but he really should have known better. He was laying out all the money, but the Mayor with all the fingers he had in the town, was bound to make a tidy share of the profits.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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