Cursed Through the Generations – Excerpt 9

Cursed Through the Generations – Excerpt 9

  On arrival at their new home, the staff were gathered to welcome them, The Cook / Housekeeper Mrs Trimble, her husband George, who doubled as Butler and Valet to Robert, there were two young local girls employed as housemaids, they were called Elsie and Josie, both young and pretty, Robert immediately took a liking to them, There was also a Groom/ Gardener named Joe and a scullery maid called Ivy.

They all wished their new Master and Mistress Congratulations and good wishes for the future, then they left and went about their duties. Adeline said that she would retire for the night and pleaded with Robert to join her, he replied that he would just have a sherry, then he would join her.

He rang the service bell, and Josie appeared, ‘May I be of service, Sir?’ she asked politely. ‘I’m sure you can, will you get me a sweet sherry, please! Josie, isn’t it?’ he enquired smiling kindly at her. ‘Yes, sir! I am Josie,’ she replied. ‘And how old are you Josie, may I ask?’ he queried. ‘I’m seventeen, nearly eighteen, sir,’ she replied. ‘Well Josie, you are a very pretty girl,’ he stated giving her a winning smile.

‘That’s very kind of you to say so, sir,’ she said colouring slightly. ‘You are blushing?’ he said, ‘ I’m sure I’m not the first man to tell you. you are pretty, I’ll bet lots of boys have told you so?’ ‘ Boys, yes! but you are a man, and my Master.

‘And what would you say, if that same Master wanted to kiss you?’ He asked. ‘He is my Master I would have no choice but to do as he asks,’ she replied smiling and blushing even more.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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