Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 15

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 15

  Unfortunately no one had thought to consult with the townsfolk of Littlehampton, who virtually to a man or woman, if you count the ladies of the Women’s Institute. The Council may well be surprised at the amount of resistance there is. They may think its a done deal, but the people think differently, Zombie’s enter Littlehampton at your peril! you may find the reception a trifle warmer than you expected, you may find your reception a little heated, even unwelcoming.

Dave Knowles was keeping busy on the ‘phone, he needed to get his 50 or so Zombies organised for the Littlehampton Weekend. The bulk of his contacts were like himself, film and tv extras, who to earn extra money attended events like the coming Weekend. When you earned a precarious living, as most of them did, a Weekend away all found was something of a godsend, even somewhere as dire as Littlehampton no doubt was. Dave had used up the majority of his contacts, but he wasn’t too concerned, he was a few short of his total, but once the word got passed around, he knew he would have an excess of offers.

Samira Patel, Sanjay’s eldest daughter was in a state of sexual excitement, as a devoted fan of all things Zombie, she had developed something of a crush on Dave Knowles. Even more so, now that she had read in his blog he was offered a part in the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ video but had to turn it down due to visa problems. Samira, although she had been brought up to be modest and virtuous in the Eastern fashion. But when it came down to sexual feelings and men, she could be just as predatory and forthright as any of her English friends. She may often dress modestly in Eastern dress but her thoughts were more of the miniskirt and no knickers variety.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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