Cursed Through the Generations – Excerpt 8

Cursed Through The Generations – Excerpt 8

  The best man arrived, and all was ready, the coach stood waiting outside to convey him to the church. All of his plans were coming to fruition, Despite the minor setback with his ex mistress, Jane.

All he had to do was turn up at the church, smile and go through the motions of the ever – attentive groom and all his money problems were over.

When his Bride arrived on the arm of her Father, he felt a slight tinge of remorse, if only it could have been Jane? but she was gone, finished by his own hand, so he would just have to make the best of it.

He turned and smiled as if her were happy to see his Bride and nodded politely to acknowledge her Father, the wedding ceremony  went without a hitch, Robert played his part to perfection. But to him, it wasn’t a marriage more a means to an end, a profitable end.

He winged it throughout the Reception, taking care to avoid anyone that might cause him embarrassment of any description, His behaviour might be under close scrutiny by his new Wife’s relatives. His behaviour must be beyond reproach in their eyes. He could not afford any mistakes, not on this day of all days.

As soon as was considered decent, by the rules of Polite Society, today he must abide by them. Robert and his ecstatically happy Bride said their farewells to their invited guests and left the Reception, For the short carriage drive to their new home, which was ready and awaiting them.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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