Cursed through the Generations – Excerpt 5

Cursed Through The Generations – Excerpt 5

  Women maybe laid back and thought of England when in sexual congress. Robert’s bedtime thoughts were all of money, money and his other women. Although promised to the plain and plump Adelina, Robert’s eyes and affections were centred elsewhere. He had a secret lover, who was to be kept secret until he had his hands on the Maltraver’s fortune.

Adelina was ecstatic, she was having the final fitting of her wedding dress, she had convinced herself that she looked beautiful, her Mother was simpering and strutting around telling how beautiful she looked.

Robert, the groom, was having serious second thoughts, Jane, his secret lover had just broken the news that she was carrying a child, and that it was without a doubt, his progeny.

His first instinct, was to cut and run, a thing he had done innumerable times before, but this time things were different. He had put almost a year of his time, in seeking out someone like Adelina, who he could bend to his will. That plan was now coming to fruition, He couldn’t leave now, there was to much at stake, He had to get shot of her !

He had loved her! he couldn’t deny it, but he loved the promise of the fortune that would one day be his to control, it was a pity but she definitely had to go, he really had no other choice.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

2 thoughts on “Cursed through the Generations – Excerpt 5

  1. I’m always a bit late in my keeping up but each of your stories are keenly interesting. This one promises a lot of twists and turns. One can feel the strings of tension and suspense twine together and tighten. Great job!


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