Cursed Through The Generations – Excerpt 4

Cursed Through The Generations – Excerpt 4

  Robert, once he had clarified how much she was worth in monetary terms, pursued her relentlessly throughout the county. It wasn’t long before they were lover’s and talking seriously of marriage. His plans were coming to fruition.

He totally despised the plump and simpering Adeline, but he adored the idea of her Father’s fortunes that were destined to come her way, and by marriage, his also. He could close his eyes and grit his teeth at her sexual advances, after all they would soon be married and he would have control of the purse-strings.

Her father, Joshua, a well to do business man and justice of the peace, was not overjoyed at his daughter’s choice, but agreed that if he made her happy, and by all accounts he did, then he would just have to do?

In consultation with his wife, it was decided to purchase the overgrown plot of land, that was close the their own house, but not too close, newly-weds needed a little time to get to know each other.

And so, the plot was purchased, An architect submitted plans for the happy couple to peruse. The plans were approved, builders hired and the plot levelled, and never once was it mentioned that the plot was cursed.

Robert was overjoyed, the house an unexpected bonus, icing on the cake, all he had to do was keep the simpering Adeline sweet. That was never going to be a problem, she was totally besotted with him, from the moment he had taken her virginity, he was her’s and she never tired of him.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

2 thoughts on “Cursed Through The Generations – Excerpt 4

  1. I haven’t read the previous excerpts of this, yet, but when I read this, I was immediately reminded of a former close friend and her loser boyfriend who was just a gold digger after her stepfather’s fortune. I really hated him, mostly because I could see through his facade and knew my friend was being manipulated by him. Hopefully, this character of yours will not have a happy ending!


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