Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 46 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 46 )

  In the meantime, ‘Polly’ Nicholls body had been found by P.C. John Neil 97J, who in turn signals to P.C. Thain who then joins him the two of them are soon joined by P.C. Mizen, who has hurried to the scene.

P.C.Thain leaves to rouse Dr. Rees Ralph Llewellyn, who resides close to the scene. They return a short time later, around 3.50 a.m. and Dr. Llewellyn declares life to be extinct, but by only a few minutes. Buck’s Row is only ten minutes from Osborn Street its only illumination a single gaslight at the far end of the Row.

The observation’s of Dr.Llewellyn on arrival at Buck’s Row at 3.50 a.m. on the 31st of August 1888. After only a brief examination, he pronounced ‘Polly’ Nicholls as deceased a 4 a.m. he noted that there was a wine glass and a half of blood adjacent to the area where she lay. He concluded that he was certain she had been killed where she lay.

And whilst all these events were unfolding, I had made good my escape and was sleeping soundly in my bed. The sleep of a contented man. One down, four to go!

Mary Jane Kelly’s diary 2nd November 1888

First Martha, now Polly, is it just coincidence, or is someone killing off my friends, is there some sort of death list, and if there is such a thing, where is my name on it. Am I to be spared or killed? My man has gone and left me and I sit here frightened for my life, with no one to turn too. Oh! Jack, what have I done, If only you were here to help me?

(C) Damian Grange 2018

10 thoughts on “Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 46 )

  1. Love is a powerful tool to breaks one heart if one of the lovers are already damaged in the first place.
    Too many times in our lifetime, when we learned that often enough that love is never enough for some … isn’t it?

    Love your Jack story, Malcolm!
    It is one of my favourite right now.
    You owe to write a novel on it as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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