Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 10

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 10

  While all this was taking place, the Mayor had yet another problem brewing, the small funfair that he owned on the High Street. It was packed full of slot machines, with dodgems and other children’s rides. The young men he employed to run and oversee this enterprise had just had to take a cut in wages and were furious to hear about the Zombies.

They were mostly transients, so were cheap labour anyway, they lived in dingy old caravans that the Mayor provided for them. But they like the rest of the town had reached boiling point. Rebellion was in the air, and in their minds. Zombies out!

Sanjay Patel had a Major problem? Now that he had won the option for the Weekend event, where and how could he locate the Zombies? and as it was mainly coming out of his own pocket. how cheap could he get them for. Sanjay wanted the event to be a success, but not if it spending his own hard-earned money, with money he was a very careful man.

He made the decision to ‘phone Solly Marks, a theatrical agent, that he had used occasionally in the past, if he had no Zombies personally, he may have a contact. It was all very confusing for a Indian entrepreneur.

‘Hello Solly, it’s Sanjay Patel, I’m looking to hire about 50 Zombies for a Weekend event in Littlehampton, please tell me you can help?’ ‘ I’m sorry, its not my thing! try this guy, Dave Knowles, he’s an actor who’s cashing in on this Zombie thing, if anyone can help you, he can.’ Sanjay thanked Solly for his assistance. And dialled the number he had been given, the number was ringing, but no one was answering.

(C) Damian Grange 2018



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