Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 7

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 7

  ‘You are right, Charlie,’ agreed Tom Duggan, the local Butcher, whose second home was the Three Crowns, Charlie’s pub. ‘It is up to us, the people of this town to make a stand, Littlehampton needs a revolution!’ ‘Here, here!’ stated a chorus of local drinkers, ‘Liberty for Littlehampton, Freedom from Council Oppression!’

And while the locals sang of Liberty, The Mayor was as usual working his charms on one of his female supporters, The Butchers wife, Phoebe. He was in no great hurry, Tom Duggan liked to hold court in the Three Crowns and he was well known as a ten pints a night man. He would by now be halfway down his fifth so there was plenty of time.

Phoebe was not the most glamourous woman in Littlehampton, but what she lacked in looks she made up for in ardour, She could never get enough of the Mayor and the illicit passion that he offered. It was not that the Mayor was attractive or particularly well-endowed. It was more a case of him being occasionally available, something, Tom, her husband never was.

And on the occasions he did sleep with her, that was exactly what he did, with a surfeit of snores, mumbles and the stench of stale beer. The Mayor although far from perfect, and a known philanderer, was at least occasionally available to make her feel desirable once more.

And laying on her marital bed with her legs wrapped around him, and he pumping away between them, she was aware that it wasn’t love, but whatever it was, it was better than being alone, waiting for her husband to stagger back from the Three Crowns, after drinking his fill.

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Double In Trouble – Excerpt 43

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 43

  As the helicopter started to lift off, Shultz and Mayhew came running out of the trees and started shooting at the helicopter. But it was a worse than futile attempt to stop us, we had too much height on them.

Apparently Tommy and his boy’s hearing the gunfire, assumed that Kat and myself were in trouble, so they came at the run, firing as they came, they were well armed and prepared for trouble. I had no clue as to what was taking place, I was heading for home.

Hearing the exchange of shots, some of the bidders decided to intervene, they got very short shrift from Tommy’s group who were all S.A.S trained. Several of them were reported killed also according to information I later received Abromski / Schultz and Mayhew were found dead in the cellar, shot in the back of the head, execution style. Whether by the outraged bidders or British Intelligence  I had no idea, other than that it couldn’t have happened to two nicer guys.

I had been operational in Britain for several years as a sleeper agent, but this operation was deemed important enough by my masters for me to blow my cover.

A week after Kat had returned from Poland, none the worse for her experience, a package arrived for her at her Organisation’s Headquarters. Once it had been screened, it was delivered to her, inside was a single red rose, slightly the worse for wear and a beautiful red silk and lace negligee from a renowned Parisian fashion house and a card which said, ‘Sorry! Love Ivan!’ She muttered ‘Bastard!’ under her breath and then burst out laughing. The Intelligence arena in which they worked was not that large, who knows maybe their paths would cross again.


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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 42 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 42 )

  I think I know who she will be, little ‘Polly’ Nichols, she’s a chronic alcoholic who has already signed her own death warrant. If I don’t take her, she’ll only pickle herself in cheap gin till her liver gives out, much better off dead….definitely!

I’ll find her haunts and seek her out and give her eternal peace, it’s a reasonable offer if you consider the way that she lives, selling herself for a tot of cheap gin. That’s no way to live, much better to be dead and returned from whence she came.

But much as I would enjoy ridding the earth of yet another of Mary’s friends. I wasn’t about to plunge headlong in to a killing spree without very careful preparation.

The reason that most criminals fail is that they take opportunity’s when offered, whether it be a murder, mugging or just plain burglary, they never plan or at least not carefully. They always consider the prize, never the consequences if and when they are caught.

I have no intention of being caught by the police or anyone else. I am not a career criminal. I am a physician, by the taking of five lives, I can help eradicate several sexually transmitted diseases. Not only that but I will be sending out a very clear message. Keep these women off our streets!

Now I am not trying to set myself up as some kind of moral crusader, but I, as the local Doctor am more than conversant with the diseases these women carry.

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Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 6

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 6

  As was their way, the town’s elite had already divvied up their share of the profits, even before they were made. But that was how things happened in Littlehampton. Some might call it corrupt, they would no doubt say it was a matter of survival, after all they owned the town and almost everything in it. how could they possibly be wrong.

Unfortunately for the council, although they controlled most of the town, they could not control the opinions of the residents. Who themselves had very definite ideas of what they would and would not allow in their town.

The most vociferous of these was Charlie, The landlord of the towns only independent public house, where it must be said, the majority of the locals drank. ‘Friggin’ Zombies,’ he stated, ‘ What do we want with friggin’ zombies, staggerin’ all over the town, makin’ the place untidy, and who’ll get the bill for cleanin’ up after ’em, we will!’

‘You’re right!’ agreed Sally his wife, ‘Other resorts have folk musicians and morris dancers, Why have we got to have bloody zombies, it’s bloody ridiculous, so it is.’

‘What are they anyway, and what do they do?’ quizzed one of the customers. ‘They stagger around in rags, spewing up blood and making stupid noises, all playing follow my leader if they can suss out which he or she is.’ ‘Great!’ chortled another customer, ‘ It sounds like a Saturday night in Manchester, if you ask me, do we really need this crap.’

‘I think,’ Stated Charlie, ‘ That we should form our own council, an anti-zombie, anti-council council, we need to let the powers that be know, that we the people have an opinion and its not the same as theirs.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 42

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 42

  As Kat turned towards me, I embraced her, She nuzzled in to my neck, that was when I plunged the hypodermic in to hers, with more than a tinge of regret as I had grown quite fond of her. I had no wish to harm her, just keep her out of harms way for a few hours.

Palenkov would not be arriving any time soon, he was already here, or at least I was. In truth there is no Pyotr Palenkov, He is a legend created by Soviet Intelligence for an operation such as this.

Abromski / Schultz and Mayhew both thought I was a pawn in their game. They were so supremely self confident that they never for a moment realised that they themselves were involved in a bigger game in which they were the pawns. Pawns who were definitely to be sacrificed.

The finer parts of the plan were worked out by myself and Sergei, my associate. It was he who informed Abromski about the legend that was Palenkov. Abromski took the bait and had me kidnapped not knowing I was a decoy and also a Soviet agent.

Sergei’s so-called relatives were all Spetnatz, specially hand-picked and trained for this operation. They had split up in to groups at Abromski’s insistence but would soon be slipping back here to rendezvous.

I transmitted the signal to the transport helicopter that was waiting just over the Polish border. as soon as it arrived my men loaded the missiles. As soon as we were all loaded and ready for lift off. Sergei and myself carried Kat well clear of the lodge and propped her up against a tree trunk, she would be safe there.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 41 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 41 )

  I was holding my clinic at the Infirmary when two of Mary’s cronies turned up, Martha Tabram and Liz Stride. Liz was sporting a lovely black eye and swollen jaw, apparently she had had an altercation with a customer who refused to pay for her services, she got mouthy and he turned nasty, an occupational hazard I would think.

I gave her an examination, although there was little I could do except advise her to be more careful the next time. Just as they were about to leave, Martha Tabram turned to me grinning and said,’ Did you Know? Doc, Mary’s got a new bloke, He’s a diamond, treats her like a princess, so he does.’

Then they both departed, laughing together as if sharing some private joke but they had unwittingly forced my hand. I made a conscious decision Martha Tabram would be the first to die.

Then once again, fate intervened, one of her apparently dissatisfied customers, stabbed her several times and denied me the pleasure of killing her. And I was so looking forward to seeing the fear in her eyes as I slit her throat, but be that as it may. There are still five left to amuse myself with, all is not lost!

Who’s to be next, obviously not Mary, I’m saving her till last, she will be my fait accompli. Until that time, I want her to learn what real fear is, she will learn and very soon, all about fear and what it can do to you.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

Air Aces of World War One


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Hpt. Godwin von Brumowski – Austro- Hungarian Fighter Ace 1889/1936

Godwin von Brumowski was born in to a Military family in Wadowice, Galicia (Present day Poland). He attended the k.u.k. Technical Military Academy at Modling, near Vienna, from where he graduated as a Lieutenant commissioned in to the 29th Field Artillery on 18th August 1910.

He was serving in the 6th Artillery Division and had just turned 25 yrs of age when war was declared against Serbia on 28th July 1914. He served on the Eastern Front against Russia, winning both a bronze and silver medal for bravery before transferring to the air service in the Imperial and Royal Aviation Troops (k.u.k.Luftfahrtruppen)

He was posted to Fliegercompagnie1(Flik1) at Czernowitz commanded be Hpt. Otto Jindra in July 1915; von Brumowski was initially assigned as an aerial observer on the Russian Front.

On the 12th of April 1916, Jindra and von Brumowski crewed one of the seven Austro-Hungarian planes that participated in the bombing of a military review attended by Czar Nicholas II. In the process they shot down two of the Morane Saulnier Parasols that were sent to drive them off.

On the 3rd of July 1916, von Brumowski became a pilot with Flik1, despite a slight defect in his right eye, which he corrected with a monocle in that November he transferred to Flik12 on the Italian Front. He helped down an Italian Caproni bomber on December 3rd. He became an Ace on January the 2nd when he downed an Italian Farman 2-seater whilst flying a Hansa- Brandenberg C.1. Up to this time all of his victories had been achieved whilst flying 2-seaters that were really unsuitable for the rigours of aerial combat. …. to be continued.

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Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 5

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 5

  The following week at the Council Meeting, a surprise, The Mayor was in attendance and in a state of euphoria, but not for long. Sanjay Patel arrived stating confidently, that he had a plan for the Weekend that couldn’t possibly fail, he had no doubts whatever. Then in walked a smiling Deputy Mayor, ‘I have a plan, a Western Style Shootout,’ he declared, ‘Bound to be a success, everyone loves a Western!’

The meeting immediately dissolved into an uproar, everyone was shouting for their favourite proposal. The Mayor was banging on the table, while attempting to restore some semblance of order to the proceedings.

Then suddenly the mood changed, everyone was chanting ‘Zombie!’ it was meant as a disparaging comment about the Mayor, but Sanjay, never one to miss an opportunity was quick to grasp the situation and called for a vote on his proposal. It was passed with only one abstention, The Mayor, even the Captain stayed awake long enough to state the ‘Aye’ that was required.

And so, the die was cast, The Zombie’s had won the day, by a majority vote, although a winner by default, Sanjay was determined to make this work. After all he was the owner of the Holiday Camp and two of the towns three Caravan Parks as well as his other business interests in the town. If he made a success of this, it was money in the bank, His bank.

The Mayor was annoyed, but on the positive side, he owned the third Caravan Park, the town’s only Nightclub / Disco and two of the town’s three public houses. He might still make a tidy share of the profits, despite Sanjay.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


Double in Trouble – Excerpt 41

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 41

  We dressed and went down for breakfast, Schultz was absent, no doubt settling in and ingratiating himself with the bidders. Mayhew instructed me that the Auction would take place at 14.00 sharp, in the cellar where the Warheads were stored.

My instructions were as follows, introduce yourself as Pyotr Palenkov, Explain that the Warheads were Ex-Russian and were to be made available to the highest bidder, they were a job lot of six, they were not for sale individually.

They were to be collected by the buyer, we were not running a delivery service, Monies or equivalent to be paid on collection. I was to accept any technical questions, if in doubt, I was to summon a technician to answer.

Naturally Shultz would be over-seeing the Auction, but that was nothing less than I expected, in his position I would have done the same. Mayhew asked if I had any questions, ‘Only one!’ I replied, ‘When do I get paid and sent back to civilisation?’ ‘You will get half after breakfast tomorrow, the remainder will be transferred in to your bank account as soon as the Warheads are collected, possibly a couple of days at most, I would have thought’ He replied smoothly. ‘Oh! and the helicopter will be ready to collect you shortly after breakfast tomorrow, if you will be so good as to be packed and ready.’

When we were back upstairs in our room, I said to Kat, ‘Give it 30 minutes then send Tommy the signal, to release the news of Palenkov’s escape, then sit back and watch the fun!’

(C) Damian Grange 2018

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 40 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 40 )

  ‘Several reasons, Sir, one I am known to them, for shall I say, Indiscretions in my past. ‘Indiscretion’s! an interesting word, what were they? I asked. ‘A little burglary, Sir, but it was never proven, so they let me go,’ Mc Ginty stated candidly.

‘So, as my accomplice, you have more to lose than I, so your silence is assured. Come to the cellar tonight and I will give you your Five Pounds, but not a penny more.’ ‘Thank you very much, Sir, I’m your man, Mc Ginty won’t fail you!’ he promised faithfully.

I let him go and returned to my work, things were beginning to look up, with Mc Ginty in various disguises he would make an admirable decoy. Whilst I waited in the shadows for him to bring my victim to me. The dark would be my ally. If I wore dark clothes and a black cloak, I could stand motionless in the corner of a yard and be rendered virtually invisible. Plans were starting to form in my head, as soon as they were formulated my vengeance would begin!

Mary Jane Kelly’s diary 10th April 1887

I have met a man, Joe Barnet, he has asked me to move in with him. It’s nothing grand like Jack’s, the only servant here is me, but Joe is good to me. He works in the markets and gives me money when he can. He’s good and kind, but he’s not Jack, I wonder how he feels now. Does he think of me kindly or does he despise me for deceiving him, I miss him so!

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