Cursed Through The Generations – Excerpt 3

Cursed Through The Generations – Excerpt 3

  The Thorn Inn, once all the Witch Trials were over and lodged in history, went back to its normal business as a country inn. Like most inns in rural areas, it had its good times and its bad times. Good landlords and bad. But like all old buildings, unless Monies were made available to keep up rpairs as needed, they rapidly deteriorated.

This was sadly the case with the Thorn, it became so badly in need of repair, that no sensible man would take it on. And so, in the year 1795 it was demolished, brick by brick, until nothing was left to show its existence, other than the bare earth where once it stood.

Time passed, the seasons changed, grass grew and weeds prospered, but no one paid any attention to this blighted spot, years rolled by and then in 1840, The land was bought as a building plot. A rich man had decided to build a country residence on the site. He obviously had no knowledge of its history, either that or he was a fool.

The gentleman in question, Robert Chumley by name, was something of a gigolo. He was a tall handsome specimen of manhood and he knew it, after a spate of near disastrous peccadilloes, he had found his perfect woman.

In the shape of Adelina Maltravers, now Chumley, his plump and rather plain, of whom it was often said, ‘Only a Mother could love’ wife. It was hardly a love match, more a financial arrangement. Adelina, who was no doubt destined to a life of spinsterhood, was amazed when at a friends engagement party. The most handsome man in the room approached her as she hid in a corner of the room, and attempted to flirt with her, Adelina being the girl she was found this attention, both flattering and frightening.

(C) Damian Grange 2018



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