Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 9

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 9

  In the Women’s Institute, the situation was dealt with, with a little more decorum as you would expect from the ladies. Maude James, the chairwoman of the Littlehampton branch was airing her views on the subject to her lady members.

‘Littlehampton, is a pleasant little seaside town, we have no need for Zombies, or for that matter, anything else that will lower the tone of our town. My suggestion is that we make placards and picket the council buildings until the council concedes to our demands and puts a stop to this brand of insanity!’

Maude, without a doubt had the towns interests at heart, but she was also keen on attracting the interest of the Mayor. The Mayor was a single man and she a spinster, she had fought against them, but she had urges, all to do with her bed and a naked Mayor. The Mayor, let it be said, had shown no interest in her whatsoever, but she knew of his reputation among the ladies of the town, and hoped that in time, his eyes would alight upon her and see all that she had to offer.

She was a tall well-built woman with a rather matronly bust, to her somewhat biased mind, she was just what the Mayor went for. The one thing that she had not considered was that she was single and eligible, the two things that the Mayor avoided like the plague. He only dallied with married woman, who were sex starved and sure things, it was his way.

And so, to hopefully attract some Mayoral attention, she had elected herself Leader of the campaign to stop the Zombie’s coming to Littlehampton. Before she and her ladies were through with him, he would be on his knees and begging to concede to her will, or so she hoped.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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