Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 6

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 6

Β  As was their way, the town’s elite had already divvied up their share of the profits, even before they were made. But that was how things happened in Littlehampton. Some might call it corrupt, they would no doubt say it was a matter of survival, after all they owned the town and almost everything in it. how could they possibly be wrong.

Unfortunately for the council, although they controlled most of the town, they could not control the opinions of the residents. Who themselves had very definite ideas of what they would and would not allow in their town.

The most vociferous of these was Charlie, The landlord of the towns only independent public house, where it must be said, the majority of the locals drank. ‘Friggin’ Zombies,’ he stated, ‘ What do we want with friggin’ zombies, staggerin’ all over the town, makin’ the place untidy, and who’ll get the bill for cleanin’ up after ’em, we will!’

‘You’re right!’ agreed Sally his wife, ‘Other resorts have folk musicians and morris dancers, Why have we got to have bloody zombies, it’s bloody ridiculous, so it is.’

‘What are they anyway, and what do they do?’ quizzed one of the customers. ‘They stagger around in rags, spewing up blood and making stupid noises, all playing follow my leader if they can suss out which he or she is.’ ‘Great!’ chortled another customer, ‘ It sounds like a Saturday night in Manchester, if you ask me, do we really need this crap.’

‘I think,’ Stated Charlie, ‘ That we should form our own council, an anti-zombie, anti-council council, we need to let the powers that be know, that we the people have an opinion and its not the same as theirs.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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