Double in Trouble – Excerpt 42

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 42

  As Kat turned towards me, I embraced her, She nuzzled in to my neck, that was when I plunged the hypodermic in to hers, with more than a tinge of regret as I had grown quite fond of her. I had no wish to harm her, just keep her out of harms way for a few hours.

Palenkov would not be arriving any time soon, he was already here, or at least I was. In truth there is no Pyotr Palenkov, He is a legend created by Soviet Intelligence for an operation such as this.

Abromski / Schultz and Mayhew both thought I was a pawn in their game. They were so supremely self confident that they never for a moment realised that they themselves were involved in a bigger game in which they were the pawns. Pawns who were definitely to be sacrificed.

The finer parts of the plan were worked out by myself and Sergei, my associate. It was he who informed Abromski about the legend that was Palenkov. Abromski took the bait and had me kidnapped not knowing I was a decoy and also a Soviet agent.

Sergei’s so-called relatives were all Spetnatz, specially hand-picked and trained for this operation. They had split up in to groups at Abromski’s insistence but would soon be slipping back here to rendezvous.

I transmitted the signal to the transport helicopter that was waiting just over the Polish border. as soon as it arrived my men loaded the missiles. As soon as we were all loaded and ready for lift off. Sergei and myself carried Kat well clear of the lodge and propped her up against a tree trunk, she would be safe there.

(C) Damian Grange 2018



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