Double in Trouble – Excerpt 41

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 41

  We dressed and went down for breakfast, Schultz was absent, no doubt settling in and ingratiating himself with the bidders. Mayhew instructed me that the Auction would take place at 14.00 sharp, in the cellar where the Warheads were stored.

My instructions were as follows, introduce yourself as Pyotr Palenkov, Explain that the Warheads were Ex-Russian and were to be made available to the highest bidder, they were a job lot of six, they were not for sale individually.

They were to be collected by the buyer, we were not running a delivery service, Monies or equivalent to be paid on collection. I was to accept any technical questions, if in doubt, I was to summon a technician to answer.

Naturally Shultz would be over-seeing the Auction, but that was nothing less than I expected, in his position I would have done the same. Mayhew asked if I had any questions, ‘Only one!’ I replied, ‘When do I get paid and sent back to civilisation?’ ‘You will get half after breakfast tomorrow, the remainder will be transferred in to your bank account as soon as the Warheads are collected, possibly a couple of days at most, I would have thought’ He replied smoothly. ‘Oh! and the helicopter will be ready to collect you shortly after breakfast tomorrow, if you will be so good as to be packed and ready.’

When we were back upstairs in our room, I said to Kat, ‘Give it 30 minutes then send Tommy the signal, to release the news of Palenkov’s escape, then sit back and watch the fun!’

(C) Damian Grange 2018

10 thoughts on “Double in Trouble – Excerpt 41

  1. I wish I knew, the next one may be the final episode, I write them a day or so prior to publication, I know there will be a twist in the tail but not sure which way at the moment.
    I’m pleased that you are enjoying my work!

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  2. Thank you so much, I think there is one more excerpt on this one, all I can promise is a surprise ending, Its not written yet I’m still thinking it through. Thank you for your support and comments!


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