Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 4

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 4

  Later that same day, after having the usual family meal, Sanjay Patel sat in his living room surrounded by his family. He switched on the television just as they were showing a trailer for ‘The Walking Dead’ which according to Samira, his eldest daughter was very popular.

Sanjay thought about it, and what began as a germ of and idea began to ferment in to a fully themed, Zombie invasion of Littlehampton, it had a certain ring to it, He thought.

At the same time as Sanjay was watching his trailer, The Mayor was at the Cinema, well not exactly the Cinema. He was in the projection room, feeling the stocking tops of Mavis, one of the usherettes, she was gasping in anticipation, when the Mayor suddenly stopped his groping and started to take notice of the film that was showing, much to Mavis’s dismay.

The Mayor was smitten, Pirates of the Caribbean, we were on the coast, what could possibly be better for our themed weekend. I’m afraid that was the kiss of death for Mavis’s jollies for tonight at any rate.

The Deputy Mayor was not a great television fan, but he did enjoy a good western and tonight they were showing a John Wayne classic. Then he felt inspired, That had to be the answer, a Western themed weekend. Everybody loved a good Western?

Three possible ideas, The next council meeting would certainly be interesting. The three most influential members of the council, each one trying to promote their idea for the themed weekend, who would win the ballot? And even more to the point, would the winning idea be successful and help to save the towns economy, it certainly need a boost!

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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