Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 3

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 3

  ‘I’m sick of all this prevarication and bullshit, when are we going to get around to the real problem, why aren’t the visitors coming here? stated Sanjay, raising his voice to try to provoke a response.

‘Don’t get upset, old boy, I think I have the solution!’ stated the Mayor smugly. ‘And not before time!’ echoed a chorus of disgruntled councillors. ‘And what may I ask, is this wonderful solution?’ questioned Sanjay.

‘It’s really simplicity itself, we run a themed weekend, other resorts have them and attract thousands every year, it’s got to be worth a shot! stated the Mayor. ‘What will it cost the town?’ queried the Treasurer, as usual looking on the bright side. ‘Just a little advertising, and maybe a few small prizes, if we can get sponsorship, it doesn’t have to cost us anything,’ replied the Mayor confidently.

‘How can you be so sure, this will be a success? asked a doubtful Sanjay. ‘Whitby in Yorkshire, run a Gothic Festival twice a year which virtually keeps the town afloat, York Itself runs a successful Music Festival, Brighton has a Scooter Weekend and all of these have been running successfully for several years, is that a good enough answer for you,’ He smirked.

With that resounding victory to the Mayor, the meeting was adjourned until the following week, everyone was to go away and formulate ideas for the towns themed weekend. As the Mayor stated, ‘Let your imaginations run wild, come up with something novel and unique, something that will draw the punters in!’

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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