Double in Trouble – Excerpt 39

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 39

  For once, Kat was strangely quiet, I hoped that she still wasn’t trying to make something of my apparent friendship with Sergei. At this stage of the operation I couldn’t allow friction to develop between us. I needed her to send the signal to Tommy to transmit that Palenkov had escaped and was on his way here.

We returned to our room, Kat was still strangely quiet, so unlike yesterday when all I wished was that she would shut up, I decided to ask what was wrong with her. ‘Is something wrong? you seem strangely subdued,’ I queried. ‘Its this whole thing, Its all going to be just too easy, its beginning to bother me, I don’t understand it, its just too perfect!’ was her reply.

‘What are you saying, that you think our plan rethinking? We know where the Warheads are, The safety suits are close by. Once the alarm is raised about Palenkov, we will have free rein to do our part, What do you think can possibly go wrong? I asked, confident of my reasoning.

‘Can I totally rely on you to do your part in this operation? she asked cautiously. So now I knew, she had seen me with Sergei and let her suspicions get the better of her.

‘Why would you consider otherwise, I came to you remember, you would have known nothing about this, If I hadn’t approached your organisation with the information,’ I replied ‘That is all true, but how do I know that I can trust you? she asked once more.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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