The Darkness Within – Excerpt 14

The Darkness Within – Excerpt 14

  I had learnt a lesson, or so I thought, I was fine until something occurred that triggered the bloodlust, But once the hunger came over me, I had to have blood, it was not just a compulsion, more a definite need!

I tried to obtain blood from other prostitutes with similar results and was warned off by their pimps who gave me a good kicking. I obviously had to find another source of blood. The more I drunk , the more my hunger increased, it could not be sated.

I now roam the streets at night, looking for young girls who are the worse for drink or the transients sleeping in shop doorways. Anything and  anyone who can satisfy my thirst for blood.

I know now that I will never again see my homeland again, or my parents and siblings. I’m glad that they will never see what I have become. My money has all but run out, but the urge grows stronger, I know before long I will have to kill again.

I pray that soon I will be caught and punished, I loathe and detest the creature I have become, the thing I dreaded most, The sanguinarian, a  drinker of blood, A Vampire!

(C) Damian Grange 2018

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