Double in Trouble – Excerpt 38

Double in Trouble – Excerpt 38

  ‘I thought maybe you knew each other, you seemed quite relaxed together?’ She queried. ‘We both have roles to play in this remember, I am Palenkov and Sergei is my lieutenant, we have to gel together or this doesn’t work.’

‘I’m sorry, you are quite right I’m overthinking things, when there really is a simple answer.’ I was a little concerned that Kat had suspicions, at this stage of the proceedings, I didn’t want her scrutinising my every move, things were complicated enough with Schultz breathing down my neck, I for one will be glad when this caper is over.

But for now, we returned to our room, after breakfast tomorrow it seemed the fun would start. I had managed to pinch a word with Schultz, he was quite happy to show me the Warheads, and let me get acquainted with them. If he knew my intentions he wouldn’t have been so eager. But then, he thought he was running the show, only I knew different.

Its back to the waiting game, that is the only problem of an operation of this type, you spend so much time living on your nerve ends just waiting for everyone to arrive and be in position, so that you can set the plan in motion.

I suppose in a flight of fancy, you could liken it to a game of chess, all the main pieces are in place on the board, you are just waiting for the pawns to arrive and take their places, then the game can commence.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


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